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December 06, 2019

5 Reasons Why Cannabis Automation Will Increase In The Next Decade

The cannabis industry has experienced huge growth over the last decade. With its increasing legality across the country, the methods in which to buy, sell and produce cannabis has changed. The biggest shift in the industry has been the rise of automation technology.

Over the next few years, automation will be crucial for cannabis production. New automated systems will be developed to assist each stage of cannabis production - including growth, harvesting, processing, testing and packaging.

The cannabis production market is expected to reach $25 billion by 2025. Investors and regulators wish to see new and innovative ways in which cannabis can be produced.

Here are 5 reasons why automation and cannabis will grow over the next decade.

1. Automated Grow Boxes

Automated plant-tending systems or 'grow boxes' have increased significantly over the last decade. A smart grow box is a device for growing indoor or tiny regions crops, in part or in full.

Growers can opt to use high tech plant growing automation.

This process can monitor and manage:

Nutrient supply

Carbon dioxide




Grow box companies will compete for business by offering self-contained growing environments. Their aim is to replicate everything a grower needs to produce healthy plants.

In states where cannabis remains illegal, buyers are trying to protect themselves by purchasing grow boxes with a: Stealthy design

Locking features

Ability to eliminate odors

2. Time-Saving Technology

Computers will be essential for large scale-growers. Without suitable technology available, production speed will decrease. A computer can be programmed to monitor cycles and adjust to the changing environments.

Growing does require some human monitoring of systems and plants. However, most tasks can be automated which allows for:

Fewer staff

Better care for plants

The ability to free up time and pay attention to smaller details

3. Efficient Production

Larger companies benefit from automation, as this technology supports large-scale production.

Automated technology manages and enhances larger production. With less need for personal assistance, the production process can go through a tailor-made device without too much hassle.

It’s not only large companies who benefit from automation, smaller businesses and solo divisions can reap the rewards.

In retail, companies can employ automated practices to perfect packaging and labelling. On the customer service side, these companies may install CRM software to maintain trust with clients. 

4. Removing Human Error

Over the next few years, cannabis growers will aim for better fluidity. As the landscape increases, most businesses in cannabis production and distribution will continue to experiment.

The industry promotes innovation and greets new ideas with enthusiasm. These new ventures will train their staff to be diligent and remove the pressure involved with production.

Automated systems aim to ensure higher quality by adding precision to all processes.

5. Reduction of Labor Costs

Many growers will use automating production in order to reduce labor costs. There's a strong interest in using mobile bench systems. This method of cultivation involves moving plants to people rather than people to plants. 

Mobile bench systems may have higher structural costs, but customers will notice a difference when using a rolling bench system with decreased labor costs and a rise in margins.

Mobile benches are flexible and can be operated by hand or motorized through a single or multi-level system.

Final Thoughts

Many cannabis producers depend on automation systems to enhance the production of their outputs.

Automation has aided the industry by giving companies a chance to be more competitive in the marketplace.

Technology will permit people to extend their reach into markets nationwide and spread around the globe, and cannabis automation is no exception.

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