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December 06, 2019

9 Technologies Which Every Top Call Center Must Have

In the era of digital transformation, call centers must adopt the latest technologies to survive and become more competitive. What are some of the top call center service technologies which set call centers apart? Below are nine of them.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Campaign Management System (CMS)

CRM software helps users to understand the information on specific customers. It documents information about customer requests, issues, and whether or not they have been addressed. It also outlines the next steps toward fulfilling customer requests. Such kind of information identifies where a customer is in the sales funnel and ensures that every customer gets the required service and follow-up.

CMS systems are useful when a center needs to make outbound calls. They detail whom to contact, including a list of contacts such as phone numbers and email addresses. These systems should also record how customers respond to sales calls.

Inbound and outbound call centers

Inbound call centers are a key technology in call centers. A call center needs to monitor calls from various channels, including emails, calls, instant messenger, and live web chats, to ensure that it captures customers from all channels in time. Inbound calls should also go through online call distributors, which direct specific calls to specialized call agents with expertise in answering specific questions. The distributor technology is based on a routing strategy and pre-set parameters that determine how to handle calls. 

Call recording technology

Call recording systems are crucial to a call center because they detail conversations between the customer and the service provider. In case there are any questions concerning an interaction, the recording acts as a reference point. These recording systems should not only be limited to phone calls, but also all other channels of communication for future reference.

Computer telephony integration

Computer telephony integration is a system that allows technologies to interact with each other. Inbound calls connect to the CRM or CRS application. When a customer makes a call or in case of an inbound call, the system displays the customer details contained in the CRM, making it easier for the agent to serve the customer faster.

Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software forecasts the call volume of a call center. A high projected call volume means that a call center should start planning to hire more personnel in the future. Hiring the right number of personnel helps to ensure that agents work under ideal conditions and remain motivated. For example, overworked agents who hardly take breaks can end up delivering low-quality services. 

Quality management (QM) apps

Quality management apps check on employee performance and note weak areas that agents need to improve to assure quality service. QM apps help to ensure that employees adhere to set rules and procedures. 

Voice recognition

Voice is one of the best ways to authenticate caller identity. A call center that wants to save time authenticating customers and reduce fraud should adopt voice biometrics software.

Intelligent callback

Every call center should have an Automatic Call Back feature, where callers can select the callback option instead of waiting in a queue on the phone. The agent then calls back as soon as they are free to serve.

Administrative console

An administrative console is an invaluable tool for call center managers or supervisors. The tool enables administrators to control and monitor day to day activities in the entire call center. It should run from a browser so that a manager can access it from anywhere using any device. The supervisor can access data such as call traffic and ensure that there are enough agents to handle the workload. 

He or she can also identify peak times so that they can predict resource capacity. In case a particular service such as inbound calls needs more personnel, some agents can transfer to that area. The console feature also allows for call-by-call audits

Today, customers are spoilt for buying choices thanks to the many players who are competing in the market. Call centers must, therefore, use the best combination of software and hardware to provide the best services. With the right technology in place, customers will be thrilled by the fast and quality service, which will trigger their loyalty.

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