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Save Money by Watching TV
[April 07, 2006]

Save Money by Watching TV

Associate Editor
Convergence — the buzzword of today.  But it is not only fixed/mobile convergence, or WiFi/cellular convergence.  Indeed, our entire lives are converging.  Now, through interactive television services, we can have coupons delivered to us electronically as we watch.

DRM Labs is a direct response marketing company that delivers proprietary direct response solutions to the iTV, internet media, and mobile phone industries and their advertisers.  They include delivering coupons to TV and mobile phones, and using DRM Labs’ patent pending Voupon Solution to create, deliver, redeem, and track Voupon Redemptions. 

DRM Labs’ CyberDrawer gives the consumer an opportunity and reason to click the CyberDrawer button attached to an iTV ad, mms message, email, or banner ad, and save, organize, and retrieve that item in at CyberDrawer’s Web site.
DRM Labs has developed Voupon iTV, which delivers coupons to TV sets.  While the consumer is watching an interactive commercial, Voupon iTV virtually attaches that Voupon to the consumer’s registered credit card, organizes the Voupon offer into DRM Labs’ patented Web-based CyberDrawer organizer, and even redeems the Voupon when the credit card purchase is made at the advertiser’s retail location.
DRM Labs’ iTV applications are specifically engineered for cable and satellite operators, allowing them to gain additional value from their digital networks.  With DRM, service providers can offer significant opportunities to their broadcasters to add value to their subscriber lists through viewer response and purchase profiling.  They also can incrase advertising revenues through new advertisers.  Return customers can be incentivized through Voupon rewards and other conveniences.
Here’s how it works: An interactive TV-supported commercial offers a percent or dollar off discount Voupon for the advertised product at a named retailer.  The consumer accepts the Voupon by pressing a button on the remote control.  The Voupon is virtually attached to the consumer’s registered credit card (if none is on file, the customer has the opportunity to enter it at this time).
When the consumer is ready to redeem the Voupon, he simply visits the retailer and purchases the item as he normally would — making sure to use the registered credit card. The Voupon is automatically redeemed, and the discount is credited to the cardholder’s account.
It’s that simple.
“Voupon iTV can be implemented and delivered to millions of iTV viewers today without the retailer incurring any hardware or software cost to process Voupon offers,” said Jeff Mankoff, President of DRM Labs, Inc.

DRM also has a Voupon Mobile service, whereby the coupons are delivered to a registered cell phone.
Erik Linask is Associate Editor of INTERNET TELEPHONY. Most recently, he was Managing Editor at Global Custodian, an international securities services publication. To see more of his articles, please visit Erik Linask’s columnist page.

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