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Fort Sill Area Gets High Speed Wireless from Qorvus
[April 20, 2006]

Fort Sill Area Gets High Speed Wireless from Qorvus

Associate Editor
Qorvus Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures wireless networking technology for affordable and reliable indoor and outdoor mesh networking systems.  The company also provides engineering and optimization services for third-party wireless equipment and local and wide-area networks.

Qorvus has just recently completed building out a new high speed wireless network with local ISP Sirius Systems — not to be confused with the satellite radio provider — throughout Lawton, OK, home to Fort Sill.  Despite only having been deployed for two months, the network is already seeing heavy use from both new customers and existing Sirinet customers being transitioned from dial-up and DSL to the new high-speed wireless service.

The Qorvus Qnode industrial wireless networking system utilizes 2.4 and 5.8 gigahertz wireless mesh technology, a low-cost, robust, and reliable alternative to the traditional landline Internet connections.  In addition to providing a dependable high speed connection to the Internet, the dual radio system provides sustained bandwidth for networks running VoIP traffic and streaming media. 
Dave Davault, Sirinet’s Chief of Operations, said, “With Qorvus’ new hybrid 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz meshing and PtMP architecture, we’re seeing net payloads at the customer ranging up to 5 Mbps — this is a huge improvement over what we were getting.”
Qnode features a Web-based interface that includes a real-time wireless signal strength meter. It also lets the user make real-time changes to increase effectiveness of individual nodes.  The primary function of the software design is to promote maximum uptime and optimal network performance. 
A Qorvus mesh network can easily be turned into a wireless surveillance system as well with the addition of any number of Qorvus MeshCams, which then also serve to extend the network.  Using the same technology as the Qnode APs allows for greatly simplified system engineering and easy scalability.
The MeshCam is a low-cost manageable IP camera that can also act as a wireless access-point for serving up both LAN and Internet-based content in infrastructure mode, while simultaneously backhauling video data via secure IP tunneling through its mesh architecture.
The Qorvis wireless mesh routing and access systems are shipped pre-configured the meet customer specifications, creating a plug-and-play environment.  Applications range from wireless Internet connectivity and email access into historic downtown areas to custom designed systems to enable 24/7 wireless video monitoring and industrial control for Homeland Security applications.
Qorvus’ President Tom Sharples said, “Lawton is one of our largest installations to date.  We were especially pleased that Sirinet gave us this opportunity to show how well our new technology scales to the heavy and widespread usage we’re experiencing there.”

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