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6 Surprising Applications of CAD Technology in Business

2/14/2023 10:03:44 AM

Computer-aided design (CAD) is a powerful tool that can be used to help manage projects, plan ahead and produce better results for less cost. Most people t…

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Digital Business Trends Going into 2023

2/14/2023 10:00:26 AM

Digital technology and the internet have changed the way businesses operate, and it's only going to keep getting more advanced. While using digital technol…

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Nathan McQuiston Discusses How Technology Has Impacted The Financial Sector

2/14/2023 9:56:03 AM

Technological advancements have revolutionized and transformed nearly every industry, and the financial sector is no exception. Experts like Nathan McQuist…

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7 Outstanding Chatbot Platforms of 2023

2/14/2023 9:52:03 AM

You must pick the correct chatbot for your website. If you don't, prospects will go elsewhere, customer happiness will suffer, and you'll lose ground to th…

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The Benefits of Utilizing Technology to Prevent Harassment

2/14/2023 9:45:34 AM

Harassment is a serious issue that has been around for centuries, and unfortunately, it still remains a problem in the modern world. Thankfully, today we h…

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Entertainment Content Development: How It Is Created

2/14/2023 9:38:03 AM

The gaming sphere is a vast environment of endless opportunities. Players always look for the best experience to spend their leisure time with quality and …

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Best jobs to apply for in Miami for newcomers

2/14/2023 9:33:28 AM

Miami is a thriving city with a vibrant economy and a wealth of job opportunities. Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, there are m…

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Pharmacogenomics: Understanding Its Applications and Benefits

2/14/2023 9:28:06 AM

Pharmacogenomics studies how the genetics of an individual impacts their response to drugs. It aims at better human health by personalizing treatment accor…

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Frances Abeton Discusses The Difference between Security and Privacy: What You Need to Know About Your Electronic Health Records

2/14/2023 9:13:56 AM

As healthcare providers shift from paper-based to electronic health records (EHRs), individuals need to understand the difference between security and priv…

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3 Ways the Healthcare Industry Is Evolving with Technology - And Why It Should Keep Doing So

2/14/2023 9:07:22 AM

In today's evolving society, technological advancements have never been so important, especially in the healthcare industry. For example, new technologi…

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How Big Tech Layoffs Impact America's Backbone

2/14/2023 9:01:58 AM

Last year's layoffs at Meta, Twitter, Microsoft, and Alphabet total over 200,000. Jessica Vann, Founder and CEO of Maven Recruiting Group, says it's high t…

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LTIMindtree's GeoSpatial NxT Receives 2022 IoT Excellence Award

2/14/2023 8:31:21 AM

TMC and Crossfire Media announced that LTIMindtree has been awarded the 2022 IoT Excellence Award for its GeoSpatial NxT product line.

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The Blockchain Event Preview: Companies Better Prepare to Shift to Web3

2/13/2023 5:07:56 PM

The Blockchain Event is an opportunity to better understand the value of blockchain to businesses no matter the industry.

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Unlocking the Future: Generative AI Expo at ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale, FL

2/13/2023 4:59:23 PM

From February 14-16 at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Generative AI Expo (part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW experience) will be…

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MSP Expo Sponsor: MSPs Have to Become Communications Providers

2/13/2023 3:55:10 PM

MSPs need to diversify, and adding communications services must be part of their evolution, according to MSP Expo sponsor Wildix.

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A Hub of Innovation: What's Happening at IoT Evolution Expo 2023

2/13/2023 3:33:39 PM

From February 14-16 at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, IoT Evolution Expo 2023 (part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW experience) wi…

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2023 Enterprise Metaverse Expo Preview: Deliver Immersive Work Experiences through Metaverse

2/13/2023 3:06:37 PM

Presenters at Enterprise Metaverse Expo help attendees develop real strategies and implementation plans for their metaverse initiatives through case studie…

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2023 MSP Expo Preview: New Products and Services Create Opportunity in MSP Market

2/13/2023 2:54:31 PM

Discuss new innovative MSP products and services as well as where the market is headed during the 2023 MSP Expo.

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One Key Thing That Can Help You Enhance Your Video Streaming Service

2/13/2023 1:46:03 PM

The video streaming industry is growing and evolving. The number of OTT platforms is mushrooming, and viewers need to choose which video streaming service …

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Ansumana Wally Shares How Technology Has Impacted Health Sciences

2/13/2023 1:27:23 PM

It is no secret that technology has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives, including our health. Today, experts like Ansumana Wally in Jersey City, …

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Are You Reaching Your Full Potential As A Manager?

2/13/2023 1:23:05 PM

Many workers rightly aspire to be promoted to manager status during their careers. It's a noble goal to aim for. That said, some employees don't plan be…

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Rokt Advertising and the Benefits of a Closed Marketplace

2/13/2023 1:16:35 PM

One of the great advantages that Rokt Ads gives its clients is unprecedented access to a closed marketplace. Based on a large network of ecommerce partners…

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IoT Evolution Expo 2023 Preview: February 14-17 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

2/13/2023 1:08:50 PM

From February 14-16 at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, IoT Evolution Expo 2023 (part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW experience) wi…

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Everything you need to know about the Electronic Travel Authority for Canada

2/13/2023 12:58:53 PM

If you are planning a trip to Canada for tourism, business or to visit family and friends living there, you must obtain an electronic travel authorisation.

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How Tech is Changing Financial Management at Businesses

2/13/2023 12:53:03 PM

How can businesses harness the power of tech to better manage finances? Read this article and find out.

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5 Tips for Effective Carbon Management

2/13/2023 11:59:58 AM

Reduction in carbon footprint means reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the use of carbon offsets, which can help create sustainable goals. There are man…

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AireSpring Announces Partnership with Jenne

2/13/2023 11:45:44 AM

AireSpring has announced a partnership with Jenne Inc., one of the nation's premier value-added technology solutions distributors and cloud services broker…

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The Potential Side Effects of CBD Flowers

2/13/2023 11:00:56 AM

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has been gaining popularity in recent years for its potential therapeutic benefits. One fo…

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The Rise of Electric Cars: A Look at Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Accessories

2/13/2023 10:55:35 AM

In recent years, electric cars have seen a surge in popularity. With the rise of companies like Tesla, the electric car industry has gone from a niche mark…

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In-Depth MSP Support: A Conversation with CloudBlue

2/12/2023 4:47:16 PM

Ahead of MSP Expo 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we got the opportunity to talk to Jess Warrington, General Manager, North America for software company …

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MSPs Presented with Growth Opportunity Amid Today's Uncertain Economic Climate

2/12/2023 3:21:22 PM

The demand for MSPs skyrockets as organizations continue to switch to a multi-cloud strategy.

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The Power of Soracom: A Visionary in Managed IoT Connectivity Services

2/11/2023 5:14:22 PM

Soracom, Inc. has been named a Visionary in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide.

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Availing Automation: Neara Introduces Automated LiDAR Classification Solution

2/11/2023 5:04:27 PM

Neara's new LiDAR classification solution is now automated, offering mission-critical infrastructure insights 30 times faster than manual processing would.

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OpenAI Introduces a New Subscription Plan: ChatGPT Plus

2/11/2023 4:55:58 PM

As the phenomenon that is ChatGPT continues its societal permeations, OpenAI has introduced a new tiered subscription plan.

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Cloud MSP Logicworks, Now Acquired by Cox Communications

2/11/2023 8:48:40 AM

In early February, Cox Communications officially acquired Logicworks, a New York-based cloud MSP.

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Compliance Implementation Changing for the Better?

2/11/2023 8:43:38 AM

Organizations require constant verification and vigilance to achieve active and proactive states of compliance, resulting in the rise of continuous complia…

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Attackers Can't Hide from ExtraHop and Binary Defense Partnership

2/11/2023 8:29:01 AM

ExtraHop has entered a partnership with Binary Defense to offer Reveal(x) 360, ExtraHop's SaaS-based network detection and response solution, as a managed …

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Kubeark Ushers in New Era of SaaS products with $2.8M Funding

2/11/2023 8:14:00 AM

Kubeark, an open, infrastructure-agnostic platform, raised $2.8 million in a pre-seed funding round.

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Ingram Micro Listens to Channel Partners and Enhances its Cloud Marketplaces

2/11/2023 7:56:04 AM

Ingram Micro, a global Microsoft distribution partner, impacts its channel partners in a positive way. The company has announced a series of enhancements t…

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Qualys FedRAMP-Ready Platform Strengthens Federal Security Posture

2/11/2023 7:43:17 AM

Qualys, a provider of disruptive cloud-based IT, security and compliance solutions, released its new offering on the federal market with its GovCloud platf…

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Artemis Signs on as a Silver Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

2/10/2023 8:02:27 PM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs. This is where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow th…

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MSP Expo Sponsor: Do Not Leave Voice on the Table

2/10/2023 2:37:20 PM

Offering telecom services will lead to another revenue stream for MSPs, a golden opportunity.

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Grain Management Signs on as a Silver Sponsor for MSP Expo 2023, Part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW

2/9/2023 6:12:09 PM

MSP Expo is the premier conference and networking summit for MSPs. This is where MSP business owners and technology specialists share strategies to grow th…

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How Will Web3 VCs Like Shima Capital Continue to Lead and Grow?

2/9/2023 1:27:43 PM

Predicting how cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies will turn out a decade or two from now is impossible. Yida Gao believes in the industry and the p…

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Peter Tsai Discusses How Technology Has Impacted Tourism

2/9/2023 1:20:58 PM

The world is becoming increasingly connected, and technology has dramatically impacted the tourism industry. From how people book vacations to how they exp…

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Exploring the Global DNS Services Market

2/9/2023 1:15:57 PM

Companies of all sizes increasingly rely on the internet for their day-to-day operations. Securing their website and ensuring its performance is of utmost …

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Unlocking the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for E-Commerce Businesses

2/9/2023 12:39:11 PM

As e-commerce businesses strive to stay competitive in an ever-evolving digital retail landscape, the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) technology…

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To Unlock Value from Industrial Data, AspenTech Acquires Inmation Software for AspenTech DataWorks

2/9/2023 12:34:28 PM

After its acquisition of inmation Software in October of 2022, AspenTech has now combined its AIoT Hub with inmation to create a new expanded business unit…

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How to Automate Your Drop Shipping Business

2/9/2023 12:33:26 PM

Lack of time is a severe problem for many people in a dropshipping business. You cannot manage everything you would like to within 24 hours. That's why …

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Overcoming Skill Gaps in the Health Industry

2/9/2023 12:26:29 PM

A skill gap is the difference between the skills that an employee currently possesses and the skills that are required for their current or desired job. It…

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