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Motives Why You Require A Level 2 Electrician

3/14/2023 11:50:31 AM

A level 2 electrician has more skills than a regular electrician and can handle major problems that others cannot. Aside from being more skilled, they also…

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5 Ways Businesses Can Cut Costs And Increase Profits

3/14/2023 11:44:36 AM

It's a simple accounting equation: there are two ways to increase profits: cut your costs, increase your income, or do both! Assuming you're already doing …

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Mike Carroll Shares 8 Energy Trends Shaping The Future

3/14/2023 11:40:11 AM

The energy sector is constantly evolving. New technologies and approaches are constantly emerging, while others are becoming more refined and widespread. T…

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VOZIQ AI Wins 2023 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award

3/14/2023 11:37:25 AM

The 2023 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award recognizes vendors that are advancing the customer experience industry and highlights products that enable thei…

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How to Secure Your Crypto Wallet - The Ultimate Guide

3/14/2023 11:33:47 AM

Purchasing and owning digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have become popular in recent years. Even though buying bitcoin mig…

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How to Connect Avalanche Network to MetaMask

3/14/2023 11:30:06 AM

The ability of different systems or software to exchange in conjunction with each other without effort from the end user is the leading property advanced i…

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XConnect and Enabld Collaborate to Enhance Omnichannel Experiences with Mobile Number Data Intelligence

3/14/2023 9:25:43 AM

XConnect has partnered with Enabld Technologies to incorporate mobile number intelligence for better messaging routing.

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Conceal Empowers MSPs with New Time-Saving Capabilities for Faster Time-to-Value

3/14/2023 9:12:59 AM

Conceal, a company that provides protection against web-based attacks via browsers, has announced new security capabilities added to its ConcealBrowse plat…

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HPE's Aruba is Collaborating with reelyActive and Microsoft Azure to Enhance IoT Workload Migrations

3/14/2023 8:00:00 AM

Aruba Networks (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company) and reelyActive have created an in-tandem IoT solution for workload migrations to Microsoft Azure wit…

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DIDWW Launches Alphanumeric A2P SMS for 21 European Markets

3/13/2023 5:42:17 PM

DIDWW, a provider of VoIP communications and SIP trunking services, has announced it is expanding the coverage of its A2P SMS service by adding alphanumeri…

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Edgecore and Wavespot Partner to Enhance OpenWiFi Solutions

3/13/2023 5:35:54 PM

Edgecore Networks and Wavespot have teamed up to provide better Wi-Fi network options for enterprises and service providers.

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A Solution for Disengaged Workforces: Continuous Monitoring

3/13/2023 5:25:23 PM

Experience management company Qualtrics has announced new capabilities in its Manager Assist product that were added to bring employee behavior data and co…

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Quectel Launches New IoT Connectivity Offering for European Market

3/13/2023 5:21:22 PM

Quectel, a global IoT solutions provider, announced a new offering for simplified IoT deployments across Europe.

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Aiberry Secures Funding to Eliminate Inaccuracy in Mental Health Disorders Identification

3/13/2023 5:09:49 PM

Aiberry secured $8 million in seed funding (led by Confluence Capital Group) to accelerate AI-powered mental health screenings.

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Hackers Bypass Weak Organization Passwords with Ease

3/13/2023 4:22:02 PM

A Specops Software study found 88% of passwords used in successful attacks consisted of 12 characters or less, with the most common being eight characters.

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Netsurion Further Powers Managed Endpoint Security with Deep Instinct

3/13/2023 4:10:38 PM

Netsurion has strengthened its partnership with Deep Instinct via enhancements to the Netsurion Managed Endpoint Security solution.

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Vonage Boosts Video API Capabilities with AI

3/13/2023 3:58:30 PM

Vonage introduced new AI-powered enhancements to its Video API, providing customers with increased accessibility and automated, real-time media processing …

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Tele Columbus Moves on From Existing Network to Deliver Better User Experiences

3/13/2023 1:58:57 PM

Tele Columbus decided it was time to move from its existing network architecture to an open architecture and turned to Juniper and NEC.

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Cybersecurity Must Be a Forethought for Retailers on the Road to Digital Transformation

3/13/2023 1:41:29 PM

Zero-trust solutions, as well as modern private networks, can play a major role in helping retail organizations enable fine-grained visibility and control …

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Holiday Inn Club Vacations Employs Medallia Technology to Measure 'Guest Love'

3/13/2023 1:32:42 PM

Holiday Inn Club Vacations adopted technology from Medallia to improve "Guest Love" scores for the brand's customer support call center to their highest le…

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Hybrid Work Brings More Pressures and Demands to Help Desk Operations

3/13/2023 1:28:40 PM

The hybrid work model is highly popular with employees, but it is a help desk nightmare, according to help desk company the ITSupportCenter.

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Born in the Cloud, Built on AI: Juniper and ConnX Bring Next-Level Performance and User Experience to the Edge

3/13/2023 12:27:02 PM

Investment and innovation in the cloud and software telco realm led to more predictable, precisely measurable SLAs and better user experiences.

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5 Things Every Customer Wants When Shopping Online

3/13/2023 12:06:15 PM

In today's digital age, more and more consumers are turning to ecommerce websites to purchase their goods. This change provides businesses with the opportu…

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The Technology Behind Hearing Tests

3/13/2023 12:01:12 PM

A hearing test is an essential healthcare tool used to measure how well an individual can hear. It helps to identify any potential hearing loss or hearing-…

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7 tips for digitally safe handling of personal data in the workplace

3/13/2023 11:53:40 AM

In this blog post we provide 7 tips for digitally secure operations. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, or privacy regulation, it is important t…

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The Future of Point of Sale Software: Predictions and Trends

3/13/2023 11:41:16 AM

Point of sale (POS) software is an essential component of modern retail and hospitality businesses. It allows businesses to process transactions, manage in…

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Christopher Cane, Firefighter, Discusses How Technology Has Impacted Aviation

3/13/2023 11:26:31 AM

The aviation industry has come a long way since the Wright brothers made their historic flight at Kitty Hawk. In the century-plus since then, experts like …

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SAS and CyberProtonics: Embedding Quantum-Resistant Encryption for Nanosatellites and Ground Terminals

3/13/2023 10:48:37 AM

Sky and Space Company (SAS) has partnered with CyberProtonics to bolster the security of its fleet of nanosatellites and ground terminals.

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CloudRadial and Gradient Look to Improve MSP Hassle: Billing Reconciliation

3/10/2023 3:45:21 PM

CloudRadial's Client Services Automation platform now integrates with Gradient MSP's Synthesize platform to improve billing reconciliation for CloudRadial …

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ConverseNow Pilots Wingstop to New Heights with Voice AI

3/10/2023 3:29:37 PM

Wingstop is the next brand to utilize voice AI through a pilot program with voice AI provider ConverseNow.

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Ford Reinvests in Automated Driving Technology by Establishing Latitude AI

3/10/2023 12:36:41 PM

With its new Latitude AI team focused on hands-free, eyes-off-the-road driver assistance technology, Ford expands its portfolio as it takes into-the-future…

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LTIMindtree Announces New Delivery Center in Krakow, Poland

3/10/2023 12:14:41 PM

Multinational information technology consulting and solutions provider LTIMindtree expanded its operations to a new facility in Krakow, Poland, thus furthe…

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Scammers Continue Texting Trend as Robotexts See Dramatic Increase in 2022

3/9/2023 4:51:28 PM

Americans received 225 billion robotexts in 2022, a 157% increase from 2021, according to Robokiller's annual phone scam report.

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Commerce Experiences Secured through F5 and Visa Partnership

3/9/2023 4:42:13 PM

F5 and Visa empower merchants to provide their customers with a seamless, secure and personalized shopping experience.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Vulnerabilities Put Healthcare Dollars at Risk

3/9/2023 3:23:27 PM

Smart Meter provides data security guidance for companies that provide remote patient monitoring.

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UAE's Best ERP Software in Dubai 2023

3/9/2023 2:36:22 PM

If you're looking for the best ERP software in Dubai, then you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the benefits of working…

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LED Display Processors: The Brain Behind Your Displays

3/9/2023 2:29:45 PM

LED displays have become an integral part of modern-day advertising, entertainment, and communication. These displays have evolved significantly over the y…

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The Intersection of Technology and Art: Image Denoising with Wavelet Edge Detection Method

3/9/2023 2:24:59 PM

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services are fast becoming an indispensable part of modern businesses, particularly those that process large amounts of…

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6 Qualities of a good fashion SEO agency

3/9/2023 2:19:05 PM

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex process requiring the right knowledge, experience and creativity. You need to find an agency that specializes…

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The World of Corporate Aviation is Changing: What's Next for Corporate Travelers?

3/9/2023 2:15:43 PM

Fears of recession still loom large in C-suite executives' minds as corporations approach the end of the first quarter of 2023. A recent survey conducted b…

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New Chrome Extension is a Convenient, AI-powered Time-Saver

3/9/2023 1:27:10 PM's new OtterPilot Chrome Extension makes it significantly easier to join Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet meetings via AI.

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Guardforce AI Secures Innovative AIoT 'Robot Advertising' Contract in Macau

3/9/2023 1:22:33 PM

Guardforce AI signed an AIoT robot advertising contract with a local government office in Macau for a 20-week period.

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New Relic Acts on Climate Change with Net-Zero Emissions Goal

3/9/2023 10:52:57 AM

New Relic set its goal to achieve net-zero GHG emissions and a commitment to set near-term science based GHG emissions targets.

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Build a Deeper Connection with Customers through HubSpot's AI-powered Tools

3/9/2023 10:12:54 AM

Two new HubSpot tools, powered by AI systems from OpenAI, help HubSpot customers save time while creating better connections with their audiences.

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Is Hybrid Working for America?

3/8/2023 5:29:44 PM

The fact is that hybrid work is very much here, but it's now a case of America maintaining this model and making sure it delivers value.

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Cybercriminals Generate Malicious Threats with AI Tools

3/8/2023 3:49:15 PM

Norton reveals that scammers are upping their game with new AI tools, specifically ChatGPT.

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Google Approved as a Promoter Member of the MIPI Alliance

3/8/2023 3:26:34 PM

Google's Neil Hendin joined the MIPI Alliance's Board of Directors to help guide the future direction of mobile-influenced technologies in IoT, automotive,…

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Understanding Azure Savings Plans and How It Can Benefit Your Organization

3/8/2023 3:12:19 PM

The Azure Savings Plans is a flexible pricing model for compute services that can reduce costs by up to 65% on select services vs. the on-demand pricing of…

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Hybrid Work, Data Privacy, and More: An IT EXPO 2023 Panel

3/8/2023 2:30:24 PM

What do we talk about when we really get into discussions regarding data privacy and workplace hybridity? Panelists at IT EXPO 2023 sought to address this.

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The Importance of Speed: An IoT Evolution Expo 2023 Discussion

3/8/2023 2:16:47 PM

Speed is crucial for distributed network success. At IoT Evolution Expo 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, representatives from Internet of Things (IoT) solution…

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