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AVI Systems is Revolutionizing Meeting Room Efficiency for Microsoft Teams Rooms

3/3/2023 4:14:22 PM

AVI Systems, a global provider of audiovisual and unified communication solutions, has launched a new service called MTR Pro Advanced for companies that us…

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Cox Automotive Acquires FleetNet America to Reshape Fleet Management

3/3/2023 4:06:43 PM

To expand its fleet management capabilities, Cox Automotive recently announced that it has acquired fleet industry leader FleetNet America.

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Generative AI: Its Benefits, Downsides, and Necessary Guardrails

3/3/2023 2:21:44 PM

At ITEXPO 2023, one presenter compared the move to generative AI with the introduction of automobiles. It sure is exciting, she said, but the horses are sc…

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Consumers are Concerned About Data Privacy Protection in the Metaverse

3/3/2023 2:07:27 PM

A recent survey conducted by digital customer experience company TELUS International revealed that consumers are concerned about the safety and security of…

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AT&T and ServiceNow Answer Call to Address Network Inventory Management Challenge

3/3/2023 1:13:43 PM

AT&T and ServiceNow announced the release of a global telecom product that helps CSPs manage 5G and fiber network inventory.

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The Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Stock Trading

3/3/2023 12:41:47 PM

The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is revolutionizing our daily lives and professions. These technologies are being ra…

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ITEXPO 2023 Panel Discusses Why Multi-Cloud Strategy is Beneficial

3/3/2023 12:26:54 PM

Modern multi-cloud strategies offer opportunities to increase security by deploying easy-to-retrieve backups.

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The CCTV Surveillance Technology Trends Shaping The Security Industry

3/3/2023 12:20:21 PM

Video security is a staple in a facility's physical security strategy. When planning your security strategy, you must consider which CCTV surveillance tech…

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How Your Cybersecurity Team's Project And Time Management Can Be Improved With Integrated Data

3/3/2023 12:16:35 PM

If you're looking to improve project management, with a focus on improving time management for your team, you need to focus on integrated data. Cloud-based…

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Microsoft Defender is Not as Reliable as Some Might Think

3/3/2023 12:14:21 PM

While Microsoft Defender is better than nothing, every company can benefit from a "bolt-on" security package that works where Defender doesn't.

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What is a DBA and How to Register one in New Mexico

3/3/2023 12:09:20 PM

Situated in the Rocky Mountains, New Mexico is the 36th most populous U.S. state, with just over 2.1 million people. In a state where one-third of the land…

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Quoter Helps MSPs Overcome Failed Business Relationships

3/3/2023 12:04:32 PM

Quoter laid out three strategies that they believe can help MSPs beat their competition by combatting the issue of failed business relationships.

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Blockchain-based Products Benefit with Web3 Development

3/3/2023 11:49:12 AM

Web3 is designed to operate as a distributed network, employing blockchain technology to power the rapidly developing Web3.

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Winners of the 2022 Workplace Excellence Award for Tech Diversity Announced

3/3/2023 11:11:04 AM

The TMCnet Workplace Excellence Award for Tech Diversity Award seeks to celebrate technology companies committed to opportunity for all.

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LanguageLoop Engages with NICE to Transform Customer Experience with CXone

3/3/2023 10:58:10 AM

LanguageLoop engaged with NICE to transform the customer experience and unify its operations with CXone.

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ISSABEL, LLC Receives 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award

3/3/2023 10:25:11 AM

ssabel, LLC announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Issabel Unified Communications Platform (Single & Multitenant) as a rec…

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Rapidly Growing Cloud Marketplaces are Changing Channel Dynamics for the Better

3/3/2023 9:22:00 AM

Cloud marketplaces are growing extremely fast because they are doing a service for MSPs that all MSPs will need at some point in order to compete.

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New AireSpring Division Enables MVNOs to Rapidly Enter, Grow Market Share

3/2/2023 5:15:59 PM

AireSpring looks to bring its robust expertise to the mobility arena with the formation of its new division, AireSpring Wireless.

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GreyNoise Reduces Noise with Advanced Intelligence on Unknown IP Addresses

3/2/2023 5:01:32 PM

GreyNoise is reducing the "noise" for SOC teams with a new suite of cybersecurity features designed to provide advanced intelligence on unknown IP addresse…

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Host Productive, Meaningful Meetings with Betterworks 1:1s

3/2/2023 4:54:41 PM

Betterworks 1:1s allows employees to easily and consistently manage one-on-ones where both parties can view each other's goals and action items adjacent to…

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Folloze Launches ChatGPT-based AI Solution to Improve B-to-B Buyer Engagement

3/2/2023 4:53:45 PM

Folloze announced the launch of Folloze AI, a content recommendation and buyer insight engine.

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Taqtile Partners with Qualcomm for AR-Based Work Instructions Solution

3/2/2023 4:50:04 PM

Taqtile announced that it is collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies, which offers technologies designed to transform how the world connects, computes and…

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A Look at IoT Today with the Help of Microsoft

3/2/2023 4:37:01 PM

Eumar Dias de Assis, Managing Technical Director for IoT Solutions at Microsoft, laid out how the company sees things in IoT at this year's IoT Evolution E…

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PathSolutions Awarded the 2023 TMCnet Remote Work Pioneer Award

3/2/2023 3:18:46 PM

PathSolutions RemoteView, a remote troubleshooting tool, has been named as a 2023 TMCnet Remote Work Pioneer Award winner for the second time, as presented…

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Coral Gable Brings Latest Tech to its Smart City Initiative

3/2/2023 1:14:09 PM

There's a smart city developing right under our noses in Coral Gables, FL. Home to the University of Miami, the city is leveraging the college's knowledge …

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8 Benefits of Translation Memory for Businesses

3/2/2023 12:07:23 PM

In recent years, the demand for translated content has increased and is now outpacing human translators' work effectively in the worldwide marketplace. The…

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What Is Injection Molding and How Does It Work?

3/2/2023 11:50:06 AM

The manufacturing world has embraced injection molding as the most efficient and cost-effective way to produce plastic parts for a wide variety of applicat…

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After a Successful Funding Round, Scoot is Ready to Redefine Virtual Engagements

3/2/2023 11:47:58 AM

After securing a $12 million Series A funding round, Scoot (formerly Preciate) seeks to redefine meeting virtually for 2023 and beyond.

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ManageEngine Regional Manager Presents Case Studies During ITEXPO 2023

3/2/2023 11:42:38 AM

A representative from IT management software company ManageEngine presented a pair of case studies to an audience taking a break from showroom browsing at …

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APIwiz New 2.0 Release Empowers Enterprise Developers to Tame API Chaos

3/2/2023 11:38:34 AM

With the boom in cloud computing, the role of the application programming interface (API) has never been more important. An API is the code that allows two…

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Endpoint Management is Important in Today's Distributed Work World

3/2/2023 11:34:47 AM

Panelists discuss the ways to manage the ever-increasing number of endpoints in todays distributed work world.

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The Ultimate Guide to Efficient Third-Party Onboarding

3/2/2023 11:29:01 AM

Third-party onboarding is the process of integrating external vendors or partners into your organization's systems and processes. This may include supplier…

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The 4 Vehicle Brands That Use Technology the Best

3/2/2023 11:23:28 AM

Technology is an important part of our daily lives. It's even more important in the car industry because it helps keep drivers safe while they are behind t…

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Code-solving Programming Matters When it Comes to Blockchain Technology

3/2/2023 11:22:53 AM

Attendees at The Blockchain Event 2023 were offered a chance to learn about the basic benefits of blockchain technology from an expert on the subject.

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The Journey to Becoming a Nurse: Tips for Starting Your Career In Caring

3/2/2023 11:15:47 AM

Becoming a nurse is a challenging and rewarding career path that requires dedication, hard work, and a strong commitment to helping others. Whether you're …

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Snom Introduces New 'Office in a Box' Phone System

3/2/2023 11:11:38 AM

Snom Technology GmbH announced details of its new M500 Pro wireless family of easy-to-use products.

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Signs of Success: BCM One's Growth Recognized by Inclusion in Inc. Magazine's Northeast List

3/2/2023 9:45:55 AM

Managed IT and UCaaS provider has been named to Inc. magazines Inc. 5000 Northeast list of growing companies, underscoring the company's success over the p…

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Managed Print Services Present New Revenue Stream for MSPs

3/1/2023 4:56:54 PM

MSPs looking for a new revenue stream are turning to managed print servicers, says Doug Green.

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ClickUp 3.0 Shapes the Future of Productivity

3/1/2023 4:15:32 PM

ClickUp's new innovations, with the launch of ClickUp 3.0, are set to shape the future of productivity with new features and a reimagined user experience.

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Banking, Real Estate and Healthcare are Ripe for Blockchain Innovation

3/1/2023 3:54:59 PM

Adryenn Ashley says banking, real estate and healthcare are verticals ripe for blockchain innovation.

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Hybrid Work Practices: What Works and What Doesn't

3/1/2023 3:52:23 PM

The global workforce (and its culture) have changed drastically since 2020. That said, hybrid practices aren't new. So now, how are employers and employees…

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AR, VR, and the Metaverse: The Future of Work, Virtually Speaking

3/1/2023 3:31:00 PM

Strides in AR and VR have led to newer and newer metaverse-related discussions for businesses the world over. So, what's next?

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New Google Cloud Telecom Products Help CSPs Digitally Transform Networks

3/1/2023 3:11:25 PM

Google Cloud's three new telecom products help CSPs digitally transform their networks with hybrid-cloud principles and unlock new revenue opportunities.

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At the Push of a Button: LTE-M IoT Buttons, Available Now from Soracom and UnaBiz

3/1/2023 12:42:18 PM

Soracom and UnaBiz developed an LTE-M IoT button that is usable in dozens of smart applications.

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Fintechs Should Turn to Passwordless Authentication and Ditch Legacy MFA

3/1/2023 12:33:18 PM

Many organizations still rely on legacy multi-factor authentication, such as one-time-passwords and knowledge-based authentication.

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Operators, Need to Simplify Deployment of Telecom Network Services? Look at Ribbon

3/1/2023 12:18:29 PM

Ribbon announced new additions to its Telco Cloud portfolio. Its Core SBC, PSX and RAMP can now be deployed in a containerized, cloud-native environment.

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J.D. Power Finds Wireless Companies Are Resolving Customer Issues Faster

3/1/2023 10:52:51 AM

Wireless providers are solving customer issues faster than ever before, according to the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Study - Volume 1.

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VERSES Technology Introduces Personal AI Assistant GIA

3/1/2023 10:45:35 AM

AI company VERSES Technologies announced a breakthrough in AI with its new General Intelligent Agent, designed to offer a new human-centered way for busine…

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Nylas Sees Record Usage Amid Rising Adoption of APIs and CPaaS Solutions

3/1/2023 10:42:46 AM

Nylas, a communication platform, recently announced record usage and user growth over just the last year.

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Helping Lines of Business Benefit from AI, Part Two

3/1/2023 10:27:47 AM

Organizations have long attempted to reduce friction in customer experience by deploying the latest technology. Today's AI-driven solutions are finally hel…

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