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Michael Cherry of Grosse Pointe, MI Discusses Cyber Crime and Fraud: Ways to Protect Your Business.

2/24/2023 8:50:10 AM

Cybercrime and fraud have become significant problems for businesses of all sizes. In the past few years, experts like Michael Cherry in Grosse Point, MI, …

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Benefits of Utilizing Online Waiver Software for Businesses

2/24/2023 8:40:51 AM

For businesses looking to simplify the process of collecting waivers, utilizing waiver software can provide many benefits. Waiver software allows businesse…

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9 Essential App Developer Skills

2/24/2023 8:33:43 AM

Mobile apps have greatly influenced our lives. From how we run our businesses and communicate with each other to how we entertain ourselves, mobile apps ar…

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David Rennie Discusses Key Trends in Mergers and Acquisitions in 2023

2/24/2023 8:27:17 AM

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are integral to the business world. It's an effective way for companies to expand, diversify, and restructure their business…

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The Future of AI: Embracing its Pros, Sidestepping its Cons

2/23/2023 6:04:07 PM

Generative and Conversational AI won't be waved away. Recognizing how they function and understanding their models' pros and cons are necessities, as exper…

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Unwanted Calls Bypass Traditional Call Blockers

2/23/2023 6:00:57 PM

Traditional call blockers are at best a 5% solution, according to imp's Landline Landscape Report.

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The Medical Internet of Things: Its Foundations, Gaps, and What's Next

2/23/2023 5:58:58 PM

At this year's IoT Evolution Expo 2023 (held in n Fort Lauderdale, FL), industry expert and doctoral researcher Joel Maloff led a session centered on MIoT …

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Proof of Value: A Peek at Microsoft's Vision for IoT

2/23/2023 5:54:39 PM

At this year's IoT Evolution Expo 2023 (held in Fort Lauderdale, FL), a keynote presentation was led by Chase Hawkins, Microsoft's Head of Strategic Engage…

Read More and Zendesk Integration Enables AI-driven Conversational Customer Service

2/23/2023 4:40:50 PM

Zendesk customers now have access to virtual assistants because of's integration of its conversational AI XO Platform with Intelligent Virtual Assi…

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Winner of the 2023 IoT Evolution Supply Chain and Cargo Monitoring Product of the Year Award Announced

2/23/2023 3:10:23 PM

TMC and Crossfire Media announced the winner of the 2023 IoT Supply Chain and Cargo Monitoring Product of the Year Award, presented at IoT Evolution Expo.

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Kyndryl Commits to Strengthening Delta's IT Infrastructure

2/23/2023 2:41:02 PM

Delta Air Lines extended its partnership with Kyndryl for five years to continue to enhance IT resiliency and scalability.

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Keeping the Trains Moving: ClearBlade Scores Contract to Deliver Grade Crossing and Asset Monitoring Across Chicagoland

2/23/2023 2:07:56 PM

Chicago Metra announced it has awarded ClearBlade, an industry-leading IoT Platform and Edge AI company, a $3.9 Million, six-year contract.

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RadioIP and NextNav Launch Z-axis-powered Mobile VPN Client

2/23/2023 12:19:53 PM

RadioIP and NextNav are in a partnership with the launch of the latest release of the Armada VPN Client and Synopsis Control Center.

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Understand Web3 Peers Through Salsa Mobile App

2/23/2023 10:52:11 AM

Salsa announced the release of its mobile app in public beta following a $2 million pre-seed raise.

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As Investors Gravitate Towards ESG Goals, Veea Unveils ESG as a Service Platform

2/22/2023 5:00:17 PM

Socially conscious investors and stakeholders, including employees, board members, and customers, want to know a company's stance on socioeconomic factors …

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InterVision Expands Portfolio for Mid-Market Organizations

2/22/2023 4:38:42 PM

InterVision's Managed Cloud Services offering is built to fulfill mid- to enterprise-level requirements for operational and strategic readiness.

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The Intersection of IoT and ESG: Veea Unveils ESG as a Service for Sustainable Commercial Buildings

2/22/2023 4:10:16 PM

Improving ESG standing is easier said than done, but Veea's ESG as a Service is set to help, especially for industries that have historically been slow to …

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As More Business Moves to the Cloud and Cyber Attacks Grow, AI-Driven SD-WANs Pick Up Momentum

2/22/2023 3:35:27 PM

AI-driven SD-WAN assures consistent application performance and resiliency, automates traffic steering, improves network security, and simplifies the WAN a…

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An IoT Roadmap for Next-Generation Architectures

2/22/2023 3:30:15 PM

Eric Burger, Technical Program Director of Next G Alliance, shared research on the nature of 5G and 6G (along with a realistic next-gen roadmap) at this ye…

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Navigating the Future of Work: Successfully Managing Hybrid Workforces

2/22/2023 3:25:50 PM

At this year's Future of Work Expo (part of ITEXPO that took place in Fort Lauderdale, FL), a session was held to address and digest what works best for th…

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End-to-End Network Observability Allows MSPs to Bring More Value to Their Customers

2/22/2023 3:17:06 PM

MSPs have strived to become digital experts in today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, but stillface a notable challenge in network visibility.

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Three Strategies Small Businesses Can Use To Save Money Amid Inflation

2/22/2023 2:58:00 PM

Navigating the uncertainties of an ever-changing market should be an essential focal point for businesses. At any given moment, internal and external facto…

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Five Ways to Optimize Your Business Tech

2/22/2023 2:55:46 PM

When it comes to modern business, nothing impacts the field and wider economy like technology. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone-technology has come to …

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The Potential Challenges and Solutions for IT Outstaffing in Remote Teams

2/22/2023 2:49:48 PM

IT outstaffing, or the practice of outsourcing specific IT functions to an outside company or individual, can be a great way for businesses to access speci…

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Mobileum Assists Service Providers through Data Management Platform

2/22/2023 2:46:05 PM

Provider of telecom analytics solutions Mobileum announces the new release of its Active Intelligence Platform.

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Technology Trends That Will Shape 2023

2/22/2023 2:44:59 PM

As technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, we often think about how it will continue to evolve with each passing year. While predicting …

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The Role of 3D Printing in the Manufacturing Sector

2/22/2023 2:38:45 PM

3D printing applications differ across sectors: It is a big hit in manufacturing. Manufacturers leverage technology for product development and customizati…

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7 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Online Business in 2023

2/22/2023 2:33:11 PM

As the world moves further into digital territory, businesses must strive to remain competitive in order to attract customers. With the ever-evolving lands…

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6 Ways ChatGPT Change the SEO Game

2/22/2023 2:29:34 PM

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has long been a cornerstone of digital marketing; however, with the introduction of new technologies like artificial intel…

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Why LOB Must Steer Successful AI Initiatives, Part One

2/22/2023 2:25:26 PM

LOB is the front line of any enterprise, and those employees understand firsthand which technologies, like artificial intelligence, work for them and which…

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Redox Healthcare Integration Unlocks Data Trapped in Legacy Formats

2/22/2023 1:02:47 PM

The Redox healthcare integration platform helps abstract the complexity of legacy protocols and outdated systems to build longitudinal views of their patie…

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New York Companies Need to do Better at Protecting Data

2/22/2023 11:29:39 AM

New York is ranked second behind California when it comes to data breaches, according to Network Assured.

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How To Market Your Law Firm With PPC Advertising

2/22/2023 11:16:54 AM

Law firms need PPC (pay-per-click) advertising for several reasons. In today's digital age, most people seek legal services online, using search engines, s…

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Latest Advancements In Virtual Reality And How They Are Used In Online Casinos

2/22/2023 11:09:44 AM

The online casino industry is always looking for ways to improve the gaming experience for its players especially for those in legal online casino states. …

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Merger could create largest crypto exchange in Canada

2/22/2023 11:04:46 AM

Ever since last year's unfortunate events with FTX, anyone with crypto holdings has been watching the headlines with a slight sense of trepidation and one …

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Why live chat is the preferred way for customers to contact a business

2/22/2023 11:00:33 AM

Customer support is an indispensable part of running a successful business, and there is no disputing that it is something that can be done well or badly, …

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What AV Installation Is Right for Your Home? How To Find Best Installer?

2/22/2023 10:43:39 AM

When it comes to home theater installation, there are a lot of choices to be made. Whether you're looking for a simple system or something more comprehensi…

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Miroslaw Mioduszewski Explains How Technology Has Impacted Small Businesses

2/22/2023 10:37:58 AM

The world has changed significantly since the turn of the century. Expert Miroslaw Mioduszewski in Passaic, NJ, says technology has been at the forefront o…

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Todd Leopold Shares Tips for Performance Management in Government

2/22/2023 10:34:53 AM

Performance management is essential to ensuring that government agencies operate efficiently and effectively. Performance management involves assessing the…

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ITEXPO's IDEA Showcase 2023: Engagement for Eager Startups

2/21/2023 6:28:59 PM

At ITEXPO's IDEA Showcase 2023, entrepreneurial sparks flew as competing startups pitched to a panel of judges.

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Exploring the Intersections Created by Video-Based IoT

2/21/2023 6:24:57 PM

Intelligent video capabilities in IoT have become quite significant. Healthcare, manufacturing, and education systems (to name a few) already capitalize on…

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The Dragonfly of IoT: LTIMindtree's Path to Sustainability

2/21/2023 5:40:13 PM

At IoT Evolution Expo 2023, LTIMindtree's Chief Business Officer Sriram Kumaresan delivered a keynote regarding the company and its sustainability advancem…

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As O-RAN Standards Rise in Adoption, KDDI Taps Wind River for its 5G Virtualized Base Station

2/21/2023 5:34:44 PM

Wind River announced that its Wind River Studio is being used by KDDI for KDDI's O-RAN-compliant 5G virtualized base station.

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Bloomreach Opens New Communication Door

2/21/2023 5:14:25 PM

Bloomreach is bringing the capabilities of an app inbox to brands and customers with the launch of its app inbox, a mobile messaging tool from Bloomreach E…

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How to open a Startup?

2/21/2023 4:43:42 PM

Are you wondering how to open a Startup? It's obvious and understandable that people who have never started a business (especially a successful business) m…

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Using Istio to Manage Database Traffic

2/21/2023 4:18:45 PM

Istio is an open source service mesh technology that enables developers to connect, secure, control, monitor, and run distributed microservices architectur…

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Cybersecurity Issues that any Up-and-Coming Business Should Keep in Mind

2/21/2023 4:04:47 PM

We often talk of cybersecurity risk as a separate issue. This fact, in and of itself is already a mistake. We live in a digital era, in which the internet …

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As MSPs Struggle to Build Cybersecurity Practices, Education and Training Are Key

2/21/2023 2:46:27 PM

Securing not only their customers, but their own networks and technology must be a key focus for MSPs, as cyber attackers have realized MSPs represent valu…

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ACI Learning Combines Talk Show and Training

2/21/2023 2:24:06 PM

ACI Learning trains leaders in cybersecurity, audit and information technology with on-demand training.

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The Next Big Thing in PSA Tools: Automation, Integration, and AI

2/21/2023 1:53:21 PM

PSA tools help MSPs run their businesses more efficiently with more effective reporting, improved billing, and better integration of processes for enhanced…

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