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How To Become a Data Scientist

2/21/2023 1:38:02 PM

Data science is one of the most in-demand roles in the tech industry today, and for good reason. Data scientists are responsible for analyzing large data s…

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Traceable Wins the 2022 TMCnet Zero Trust Security Excellence Award

2/21/2023 1:36:04 PM

Traceable announced that TMC has named Traceable's API Security Platform as a 2023 TMCnet Zero Trust Security Excellence winner presented by TMCnet.

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How Solar Panels Work

2/21/2023 1:30:37 PM

Solar panels are devices that convert sunlight into electrical energy. They're made up of solar cells, which are small electronic devices that convert sunl…

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Blockchain Businesses Need to Focus on Diversity to Scale Quickly

2/21/2023 1:04:22 PM

For a blockchain company to scale quickly, they need to focus on diversity as early as possible.

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5 Local SEO Strategies That Boost Revenue For Clinics

2/21/2023 12:49:57 PM

If you own or work for a clinic, understanding how to boost local brand awareness is vital for accessing a wider pool of potential patients in the local ar…

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Ripple's Market Status: Why It's Making Waves in the Crypto World

2/21/2023 12:45:19 PM

Ripple is one of the most popular crypto payment networks. It has a native cryptocurrency, XRP. The main Ripple function is a payment settlement exchange a…

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ChatGPT is More than a Machine

2/21/2023 12:28:07 PM

ChatGPT and generative AI are hot topics in the tech world. But questions still surround generative AI and its ethical use.

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Are Live Wallpapers Still a Thing?

2/21/2023 10:34:58 AM

In a world where technology is constantly evolving and changing, one trend that has been growing in popularity over the years is live wallpapers. More and …

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From Keywords to Conversations: How AI Will Impact Online Search

2/21/2023 10:21:04 AM

The first search engine in the modern sense of the world was Archie, created by Canadian student (at the time) Alan Emtage. It was a simple tool that was m…

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Cloud Backup Costs: 2023 Guide

2/21/2023 10:14:34 AM

Cloud backup typically refers to a method of storing data backups on remote servers, accessed through the Internet, instead of on local storage or physical…

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Technology at the Forefront of Treating Depression

2/21/2023 10:08:39 AM

Depression is a complex condition that can manifest in different ways. This article explores different types of depression and the tech-enabled treatments …

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For SMBs, MSPs Can Save the Day When It Comes To Controlling Rising Costs of Cloud

2/21/2023 8:58:30 AM

Cloud management plays a very active role in protecting a company's data, applications, and services in cloud environments, meaning finding an MSP with a c…

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Should I Invest In A Healthcare Mobile App?

2/17/2023 12:31:26 PM

When in doubt, most of us these days turn to our mobile devices. Just about any question you might have is answered by a search engine, and there are apps …

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Kathleen Preisler Explains How Technology Has Impacted How We Cook

2/17/2023 12:15:24 PM

Food is an essential part of life and has been for centuries. As technology has advanced, so too have our methods for preparing meals. We now have access t…

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Tips For Managing A Growing Business

2/17/2023 12:12:21 PM

Watching your business take off and grow is a good problem to have. While there will be challenges ahead, it's important to see this as a positive experien…

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6 Benefits of Hiring a PPC Agency

2/17/2023 12:08:17 PM

If you're a business based in Toronto looking for an effective way to reach more potential customers, hiring a PPC agency in Toronto is the way to go. PPC …

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How Recruitment Software is Helping Fill Critical Roles and Positions

2/17/2023 12:02:53 PM

The way businesses are finding new employees is changing. The days when you could find the perfect candidate with a "Help Wanted" sign, newspaper ad, or ev…

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How Business Energy Comparison Can Lower Operating Expenses

2/17/2023 11:51:06 AM

When it comes to running a successful business, management of operating expenses is a key factor in ensuring profitability. Business owners are always look…

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IDEA Showcase 2023 at ITEXPO Gives Startups Opportunity for Exposure

2/16/2023 8:52:13 PM

IDEA Showcase 2023 at ITEXPO in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, gave entrepreneurs a chance to present pitches to a panel of judges.

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UCaaS: The Stepchild of MSP Stack? It Doesn't Have to Be

2/16/2023 4:56:18 PM

Most are familiar with the basic MSP stack that includes security and storage and backup, but UCaaS is usually not mentioned in that stack.

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ITEXPO Keynote Speaker: It is a Great Time to be a Managed Service Provider

2/16/2023 4:52:47 PM

MSPs are taking advantage of the high demand for the services they offer, and more demand means more revenue.

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DEIA Leads to Business Success

2/16/2023 4:49:08 PM

DEIA plays an important role in the workplace because it is about building the right culture for success.

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Rightly Prioritizing Smart City Applications in IoT

2/16/2023 4:11:24 PM

Smart city administrations, tourists, and citizens were the three main areas of focus during an IoT panel at this year's IoT Evolution Expo 2023, held in F…

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Experience Counts Loudly: IoT/IIoT Developers Weigh In

2/16/2023 2:49:08 PM

On Tuesday at IoT Evolution Expo 2023, three expert panelists discussed IoT and IIoT and how practical industry experience matters more than it may seem.

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3 Ways to Conduct a Successful Job Interview and Hire the Right Candidate

2/16/2023 11:47:20 AM

Going through the hiring process can be exhausting. You have to sort through various resumes, selecting which individuals are worth contacting. Then, you m…

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The Greening of IoT: Sustainable Tactics We Need

2/16/2023 10:01:37 AM

IoT technologies consume energy and waste; thus, needs for sustainable IoT rise in order to reduce environmental impacts and promote economic strides.

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Telinta Enhances White Label Softphone With New Features and Embedded WebRTC

2/16/2023 8:00:00 AM

At ITEXPO, Telinta announced enhancements to their software platform, fully integrated with its robust portfolio of VoIP and UCaaS solutions.

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T-Mobile and the Future of IoT with 5G

2/15/2023 10:50:19 PM

Today at IoT Evolution Expo 2023, held at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, T-Mobile's Annette Williams took the stage to discus…

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ITEXPO Keynote Speaker: Only Allow What is Needed and Block Out Everything Else

2/15/2023 7:18:01 PM

ThreatLocker CEO and co-Founder Danny Jenkins gave his thoughts on the purpose of endpoint security during a keynote presentation at ITEXPO.

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Contact Center Agents Need Strong Support

2/15/2023 7:08:16 PM

The remote and hybrid work models need to extend to the contact center. Agents need to be supported just as customers are supported.

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Upgrade Your Team Like Ted Lasso

2/15/2023 6:58:55 PM

Leadership needs to be like Ted Lasso and focus on their people to get the most out of them.

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ChatGPT: A New Face of Cybersecurity?

2/15/2023 6:53:51 PM

ChatGPT and generative AI introduced a new face in cyberattacks, and MSPS must be prepared.

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AI-Enabled Systems Complete Repetitive Tasks in HR

2/15/2023 6:47:04 PM

AI is leveraged in the recruitment phrase and the onboarding process to complete manual repetitive tasks.

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The Intersection of Accountability and Ethics in AI: Building Trust in Technology

2/15/2023 6:43:35 PM

At ITEXPO's Future of Work Expo at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Bärbel Wetenkamp hosted a session about ethics regarding ar…

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Zeeve Reveals Coreum Developer Tools for More Secure Blockchain APIs and Development of Web3 Applications

2/15/2023 3:33:44 PM

Zeeve demonstrated support for Coreum on the Zeeve platform, enabling developers to deploy reliable Coreum nodes and validator nodes, and secure API endpoi…

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In A Fast-Growing MSP Market, Advantage Communications Group Reports Extreme Growth in 2023

2/15/2023 3:28:11 PM

Advantage Communications Group (Advantage), a global telecom managed services provider (MSP), announced double digit year-over-year growth for the previous…

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Bringing New Meaning To Staying Connected on Teams, Reinvent Telecom Unveils MCT Connector for Microsoft Teams

2/15/2023 3:16:37 PM

Reinvent Telecom released its advanced MCT Connector for Microsoft Teams, at ITEXPO, allowing Reinvent partners to enable their UCaaS clients to make exter…

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Advantages of Automation: Practical Workflow Applications for AI

2/15/2023 3:13:48 PM

At this year's Future of Work Expo (part of IT EXPO, held at the Broward Country Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL from February 14-16), innovators …

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A Different Type of Network: The Benefits of Cellular Coverage in IoT

2/14/2023 10:38:24 PM

At IoT Evolution Expo 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the COO of Nextivity led a session discussing the importance of cellular coverage and why it's a connect…

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Survey Says: Assessing Definitions and Perceptions of IoT

2/14/2023 9:25:42 PM

At this year's IoT Evolution Expo 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, IoT technologists discussed its definitions and others' perceptions.

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Engaged Employees Ward Off Quiet Quitting

2/14/2023 6:26:07 PM

Quiet quitters fulfill their primary responsibilities but are not engaged in activities such as showing up early or attending non-mandatory meetings.

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Banking, Real Estate and Healthcare are Verticals Ripe for Blockchain Innovation

2/14/2023 6:11:59 PM

A blockchain expert and influencer ticked off a set of blockchain applications with which she's familiar.

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Technology Solutions Need to Support the Modern Workforce

2/14/2023 6:01:37 PM

Businesses need to adapt to the technologies younger generations are more familiar with.

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Embrace the Metaverse to Drive Engagement

2/14/2023 5:57:42 PM

Businesses gain the ability to transform consumer engagement with the metaverse.

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Be Our Guest: Unified Office Invites Hoteliers to Put Their Magic to the Test

2/14/2023 5:52:18 PM

At ITEXPO, MSP and tech innovator Unified Office unveiled a real-time communications in-room concierge service platform.

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Conversational AI is an Opportunity for MSPs

2/14/2023 5:51:34 PM

There is an opportunity to implement AI and automation to help MSPs overcome the challenging demand from customer base.

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The Smartest Place to Innovate and Grow IoT Solutions of the Future: Florida Atlantic University

2/14/2023 5:36:50 PM

The Research Park At FAU has announced its new initiative: The Smartest Place.

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Manage Linux Devices from Scalefusion Dashboard

2/14/2023 5:34:36 PM

Linux Device Management is introduced by Scalefusion, allowing enterprises to manage their Linux devices with Scalefusion's simple, intuitive dashboard.

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Sensing, Seeing and Simplifying the Importance Task of Protecting Agricultural and School Facilities Brings Soter and JBI Together

2/14/2023 5:29:19 PM

Soter Technologies reached an agreement with JBI Distributors to distribute the company's environmental sensing solutions to agricultural facilities and sc…

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The Reach of ChatGPT: A Discussion at Future of Work Expo 2023

2/14/2023 3:40:31 PM

At Future of Work Expo 2023, held at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL from February 14-16, a grounded discussion about ChatGPT a…

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