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March 24, 2016

Flowroute Announces Certification of Interoperability with EnGenius Technologies

By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer

Interoperability between the products of two companies allows them to offer their solutions to a wider customer base. However, before this takes place, they have to perform tests to ensure their products and services will integrate seamlessly without any compatibility issues. Flowroute, provider of advanced calling and messaging services for cloud-based companies, just announced the completion of the interoperability testing by EnGenius (News - Alert), which resulted in the certification of its DuraFon-SIP system.

With this certification, EnGenius, provider of high-performance, versatile networking and telecommunications solutions, can guarantee full operation of its DuraFon-SIP System with Flowroute. The company will now become part of the Flowroute's Certified Technology Partner program, giving it access to more customers.

"The ways in which we communicate is not one size fits all. Through this partnership with EnGenius, we have discovered yet another unique use case for how businesses are implementing Flowroute to their voice and messaging offerings," said Dan Nordale (News - Alert), chief marketing officer at Flowroute.

As a certified technology partner, EnGenius had to go through a quality review during the application process and deliver optimized product implementations. It will now gain increased market reach and endorsement trusted by thousands of developers and enterprises around the world. This includes access to resources such as, sales and marketing support, training and certification opportunities, and technical support.

EnGenius has a portfolio of networking solutions Gigabit PoE switches, indoor and outdoor wireless networking products, and IP cameras for business to deliver long-range connectivity. The DuraFon-SIP System is part of the company's cordless business telephone and portable handsets that delivers extremely long-range and reliable connectivity outdoors, throughout multi-story buildings and in complex environments.

The DuraFon-SIP operates independently of existing Wi-Fi network, so it won't have the quality of service issues with voice communications on WLAN. According to EnGenius, it delivers industry-leading range, along with a flexible, multi-mode communications platform which gives companies with employees that works outside of the office greater reach than Wi-Fi or DECT (News - Alert) phones. Some of the potential applications of the this phone system include, large resort properties, golf course, oil and gas fields, amusements parks and more.

"Partnering with Flowroute enhances our ability to provide crystal clear, long-range, cordless phone capabilities to SIP customers beyond the confines of standard offices, whether indoors or out with improved response time and increased efficiencies," said Doug Hayter, senior telecom product manager at EnGenius.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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