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July 27, 2021

Top 5 Technology Tools Used For Writing An Essay

Nowadays, everything, especially technology, is evolving quickly. So, society demands a lot from schools and teachers that educate the students. To receive high grades, they must submit outputs, present papers, study for standardized tests, and more. With all the requirements they must do, like writing essays, they also can feel overwhelmed.

This is why most people would say that it is better to work smart than work hard. As a student, you must not just be book smart but also wise in other aspects. Whenever you have to create academic papers, it would help to use writing tools to aid you in the process. If you have the means, you can look for custom writing services that offer essays for sale. But if you want to do your project on your own, you can utilize free and paid tools found online. Below are some of the technology apps and software that can help you as you write your essay.

? Essay Punch

While it would be best to ask your teachers about your concerns, they cannot always be available for you. Unless you are their only student, they have divided attention and cannot help you during your entire writing process. For example, you cannot always tell them, “Please help me make this sentence better.” If you want to be guided while writing, you can get help from available technologies, like Essay Punch.

Essay Punch is an interactive writing tutorial where you can get guidance from pre-writing to publishing. It offers writing prompts that will keep your brain moving to generate thoughts and ideas. Moreover, you can access some tips if ever you feel lost or stuck. The program also guides you to make coherent ideas and a more organized paper. Lastly, they give optional lessons about editing to improve your writing. If you want your teacher to be involved, you can ask them to track your progress and provide comments.

? Thesis Generator

In academic writing, the thesis statement is one of the crucial parts of an essay. It shows an overview of your arguments and reveals your interpretations and claims. In one sentence, you have to show all of these for it to serve its purpose. Besides brevity, you must also make it clear and specific. All of these make the task of creating a thesis statement challenging for most students.

Fortunately, you can maximize the resources on the internet and use essay writing tools, such as Thesis Generator. As you open the site, you will be asked to go through the six steps and follow the corresponding instructions. The first step includes specifying your chosen topic to be followed by stating your main idea about it. The succeeding steps ask you for three reasons that support your main idea. In the last step, you can include an optional counterargument. After accomplishing all these, they can generate a clear thesis statement for your essays for free.

? Vocaboly

Having an extensive vocabulary will enable you to create more engaging outputs. It helps you avoid repeating words through your work that may lose the readers’ interest. Also, it allows you to use more accurate words as you write, especially if you are giving descriptions or presenting arguments. Knowing how essential this skill is, you must strive to broaden your vocabulary.

To do this effectively, you can free essay help from various tools and materials, whether digital or physical. For example, you can new words by using the dictionary or while reading a book. However, you can also use a vocabulary-building software called Vocaboly. It contains five books that are useful when studying for different standardized tests, like SAT and TOEIC. Using this program, you can learn new words with their meaning, phonetic symbol, and pronunciation. They also give sample sentences to show how you can use them.

? Paper Rater

It is inevitable for you to commit mistakes while drafting your paper. This is why proofreading and editing are vital in academic writing. While doing these, you can revise some spelling and grammatical errors you have made. Moreover, you can check if you have committed plagiarism and make necessary changes. But these steps can be challenging and time-consuming to do independently. Therefore, it would be best to use a writing analysis tool, like Paper Rater.

Paper Rater is an excellent technology for writers or students like you. It is a tool that provides free online proofreading. Some of its features include a spelling and grammar checker, writing suggestions, and plagiarism detector. In addition, by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science, they can analyze the work in real-time. This enables them to give immediate results and feedback. To use its other features, you can purchase premium packages.

? Simplenote

Brainstorming may not be simple for some people because they do not have many ideas. But even simple thoughts that may seem not important can be turned into something impressive. You just need to jot all of them down like a brain dump and create connections.

For this, you will need an essay tool that you can easily access using your gadgets or smartphones. One free essay writer app that you can download is Simplenote. It is a simple, minimal, and user-friendly note-taking app. You can use this to note your ideas, whether simple or complex. For example, if you have thought of inspiration for your next novel or poem, you could jot it down right away so that you will not forget it in the future. Moreover, it offers a backup feature to help you track your previews notes. The good thing is that you can use it for free without making in-app purchases.

In conclusion, there are several online tools and essay writing software available for students like you. Because developers recognize the need for efficient and helpful technologies, they continue to create and improve these services for you. As a student, you can maximize the available resources to improve as a writer and finish your writing tasks faster. At the end of the day, all these technologies will only become beneficial if you do your part.

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