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July 29, 2021

Uncovering the tech driving the slots industry forward

Online gaming has become a prominent leisure activity in the last decade.

Slots are one of the major reasons why the activity is so popular. The fun pastime based on classic arcade machines has reached new levels of distinction online.

But why is the game so popular and what is the technology behind the new features and characteristics?

The growth of online gaming and slots

The online gaming industry is forecast to be worth 19 billion USD by 2025.

With such an impressive revenue it is not a surprise that providers are constantly looking for new ways to appeal to players.

Businesses across the world seeking out cutting edge developers to build libraries of online games to offer players.

Classic style meets online innovation

The recent news of online gaming company GAN reaching an agreement with leading electronic machine company Incredible Technologies shows how important slots are to iGaming.

The two companies will be able to utilise evergreen content to take classic slot games into the online world.

Online gaming excitement is often triggered by innovative features and designs. When these new options are combined with classic styles, the results are often impressive.

Online slot games are a key part of this. Providing gamers with a playing template that is familiar means games can be picked up and played instantly. There will be no need to learn a collection of new rules.

Why are themed slots so popular?

Themed slots games are among the most popular of all slots games available both on and offline. The games take a familiar style and design – often recalling other media such as TV and films – and repackage it as a video slot game.

Themed slots also regularly make use of a concept or idea to stretch the imagination of a player. A great example of this is the number of games that use Ancient Egypt or Rome as themes.

By taking something as significant and recognisable as ancient civilisations, developers can tap into a motif that can fascinate and intrigue. 

Players are offered the chance to take part in something that seems bigger and more significant than simply playing an old-fashioned slots game.

The science behind themed slots games

Online slots capture the imagination with new visual designs and themed styles. As online gaming continues to evolve, the technology behind themed slots games will also expand.

The latest technology offers slots games a sharp crispness that provides a beautifully detailed visual experience.

Developments in online technology also offer players the best ways to experience the games with no lagging. Animations and video can play seamlessly within the games to offer an even more enticing experience.

Also keyed into this are sound and aural aspects further detailing a level of gaming that is closer to video games.

Rather than simply focusing on the classic slot machines usually found in land-based casinos and venues, online slots are free to branch out in different directions.

Mobile gameplay

The freedom to move around wherever and whenever is also offered to players with new technologies in mobile devices and smartphones

Mobile gaming now accounts for a huge amount of the total online market.

Casual games such as slots generate a significant proportion of total revenue generated by online gaming.

Indeed, a recent report has shown that 78% of all mobile game downloads are from so called ‘pick up and play’ games.

Games companies are well aware of this changing gaming landscape. More games are being developed to make the most of mobile technology.

As the technology continues to improve, gamers will be able to play their favourite games anywhere in comfort.

Keeping things random

Another significant aspect in the popularity of slots games is the random element.

From their very beginnings as physical casino machines, slots have been driven by the algorithm of random number generators.

A crucial part of fair gaming is delivered by this random element. This is perhaps even more important in online gaming, due to its remote nature. Having access to a set of random numbers which cannot be predicted ensures that it is always a game of chance.

The latest tech ensures that the Random Number Generator or RNG in an online game is working as it should.

The RNG throws out sets of random numbers which then translate into the reels in the game. Each symbol on a reel is given different weight, so that they appear with various frequency. The important part of this is that the element of luck is prioritised and kept unique.

An ideal combination

Slots games benefit from a solid combination of classic gaming ideas and the latest technology. The slots industry will continue to grow by including innovations in visuals and mobile gameplay alongside classic themes.

Developers and game companies are sure to be working hard to provide the brightest ideas for players. Companies can tap into a practically infinite supply of ideas and creativity in the themes of games. It looks certain that they will never be at a loss for inspiration.

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