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July 29, 2021

How to Avoid Being Hacked While Betting Online

Gambling is a very popular pastime enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. In the past, players would need to physically leave their homes to visit a casino. Modern-day technology has made it possible to place bets online and enjoy the activity from the comfort of your home. Betting online can be convenient, but it is important to keep certain tips in mind to avoid falling victim to a hacker at the same time.

Install an Antivirus Software

Hackers often target online gamblers for cyber-attacks and phishing schemes because they theoretically have a lot of money available to steal. It is crucial to keep your hardware protected against malware when you are using the internet. Once malware affects a device, it can steal your information, freeze your data, and infiltrate your online betting accounts.

When you purchase a new computer, it will likely come pre-installed with anti-virus software. If not, you will need to invest in a reputable program on your own. Always keep antivirus software updated to prevent the newest malware from permeating your device.     

Do Not Use Public WIFI

Connecting to a free WIFI hotspot when you are out in public may be tempting, but try to avoid doing so. If you connect to a public WIFI and sign onto an online casino, you run the risk of your account information becoming compromised. This can happen fairly easily, as the public network will be accessible to a countless number of other people. If there is a hacker in your midst, they will be able to intercept the data and steal your username and password for any website that you visit. 

To avoid this scenario, only log into your accounts using your private, protected WIFI, or use your mobile data when you are out.  

Use a Trustworthy Gambling Website

Often, hackers will target the entire gambling platform and put all the customers at risk of cyberattacks. You can reduce this risk by restricting your usage to only accessing secure websites. Certain sites will invest in an SSL certificate, which encrypts data as it passes between the server and a browser.  

You can tell that a website is secure by looking at the URL at the top of the page. If it starts with ‘HTTP://’, this means that it is not secure. When you see the URL begins with ‘HTTPS://’, you know that it is safe for you to use, and the website owners will ensure the protection of the data that you enter.  

Some online casinos offer no deposit casino bonus codes. This means that as a first-time player, you are eligible for a bonus (usually a credit bonus) without needing to place an initial deposit. Taking advantage of these offers may help you familiarize yourself with the website that you choose, as they will provide you with a way to start playing, risk-free. 

Withdraw Winnings Often

Some players choose to accumulate their earnings on the gambling platform and wait a long time before withdrawing them. This is a mistake, as it leaves your winnings more vulnerable to a potential attack. If hackers were to breach the website, all the money you have on the platform might get stolen with no way to retrieve it. 

Create Strong Passwords

By using weak passwords, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to hackers. Many people will choose easy-to-guess security questions for simplicity, which hackers can quickly find the answers to by searching online. Keep your password impenetrable by incorporating symbols, numbers, and both upper- and lower-case letters. A common rule of thumb is to change all your passwords every 3 months to avoid getting hacked.

In addition to this, do not use the same password if you have multiple online betting accounts. When someone cracks your password, nothing is preventing them from accessing each one of your online gaming accounts and withdrawing the money in all of them before you are even aware of the breach.

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