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October 27, 2021

Latest Technology Trends Used In The Sports Industry

There are a number of technology trends currently being used within the sports industry. From Big Data to Social Media and even Virtual Reality, there is no denying that technology has been playing a major role in reshaping sports as we know them. However, the question a lot of people ask is if these technologies have actually improved the game, or if they have ruined all the sports we once loved. From Baseball's strike plate camera to English Football's goal line VAR camera, there is no denying that sports are now relying on advances in technology more than ever!

Do Cameras belong in sports?

While some may argue that some of these cameras are ruining the games we have come to know and love, there are many other technologies that are improving the overall sporting experience. One of the biggest things Sports have been utilizing as of late is Social Media. Social Media lets Sports leagues and teams easily connect with and keep all their fans and followers up to date. From posting happy birthday messages to their players to listing their upcoming schedules, Social Media is a great way for anyone to stay in contact with someone. However, it’s not all rainbows and flowers and with anything online, there can be a potential downside to it all. Online trolls now feel they can personally attack teams and even individual players with a not much can be done attitude. People can hide behind fake names and profiles online, something they couldn’t do before when attending sporting events. While this is always being monitored, it is almost impossible to stop it.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Another thing that is making waves is Artificial Intelligence and the impact it can have. When it comes to sports, there are masses of data out there, most of which is now online or in the cloud as they say. This means that AI can essentially access this data and project outcomes based on certain variables. Teams are using this technology not only to drive marketing and fan interaction, but they are also using it for player evaluations and more. Taking it one step further, fans are also using it to predict sports betting odds. While betting on sports is still quite controversial in some places, those who take part in it will do almost anything they can to get better odds. Imagine being able to use a piece of software that searches the internet for user-selected variables and comes back giving you odds on which team will win? Sounds pretty good and is almost like cheating, but this is how some people are placing their bets.

Wearable Technology

As time goes on, teams and the likes are making more use of wearable technology. Wearable technology can be anything from a VR headset to a heart rate monitor or even just a step counter, and they are all being utilized daily in the sports world. While VR headsets can allow you to see what the other person is seeing, it really is the health monitoring tech that is having one of the bigger impacts across the sporting world. Imagine being able to tell if a player is too fatigued to continue and be able to stop a training session or make a substitute for someone who is at 100%. This is what is happening and the possibilities on how teams can use wearable technologies are endless.

What it all comes down to!

We have only touched on a few of the Latest Technology Trends Being Used In The Sports Industry but I am sure we can all agree upon the massive impact they are having. While some are impacting things in a more favourable way than others, the possibilities are truly endless. It really comes down to what teams, leagues and sporting individuals want to get from the current technology we have. The old saying ‘The sky's the limit’ really rings true when it comes to technological advances, especially in the sports world. We are living in a great time and with an, if you can dream it, you can achieve it attitude there is no telling where the progress of technology being used in sports will come from. Technology has been in sports since the very beginning with things like radio broadcasting and scoreboards. As time passes, and more and more ideas come to fruition, there really is no telling what the next technological advance will be, or who/where it will come from. One thing that you can guarantee though, is the fact that for many more years to come, technology will help to shape and change sports on almost every level possible. From players to coaches and even fans, we can all benefit from the latest technologies out there.

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