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October 27, 2021

Go Beyond the Logo to Grab Attention

Logos are the first impression of any business. They are what people see before they ever even read your website content. This is why it pays to invest in a good logo design that will impact potential customers. The art of logos has changed drastically over time, and many companies have come up with new ways to grab attention from potential clients through their logo designs. This article will explore some of these trends and discuss how you can incorporate them into your own company's corporate identity!

Incorporate modern logo design techniques into your brand

Every company should follow several basic rules when designing a logo, but there is also room for creativity within these boundaries. Some of the most popular logo design techniques include:

Use vibrant colors

Colors are an important part of any company's branding strategy, and they can make your logo stand out when placed on marketing materials like business cards or brochures. Vibrant colors help attract attention to a brand because they draw in customers' eyes more than other color choices might do. Another benefit of using bright colors for logos is that they look great against dark backgrounds, whereas black lettering may appear unreadable. The best thing about this technique? There are so many different color combinations you could try! Be sure to test them all out by placing some examples side--side until you find one that looks great.

This logo is effective because it incorporates vibrant colors to grab attention while also utilizing negative space to make the text “pop” off the page. Also, there are no color clashes which help create a cohesive design.

Mimic your product or service with shapes and symbols 

Many logos incorporate elements that mimic their associated product or service in some shape or form. For example, you might see an oil rig-shaped symbol for gas stations, diamonds on jewelry stores signage, cats used by kitty litter companies, etc. Using these images can subconsciously link customers' memories to your brand when they think about what it represents! This technique works so well because our brains tend to remember things through associations with symbols. We may not remember what you do, but we will possibly recall that your logo is shaped like an oil rig or diamond ring!

Use lettering styles that complement one another 

A good way to make sure your logos stand out on all kinds of marketing materials (business cards, brochures, etc.) is by using various types of fonts. For example, if you are designing a vintage-inspired logo, choose fonts that look retro, or if you want something more modern, go for sleek sans serifs instead. There are endless options you can choose from, so why not experiment? The great thing about this technique is that the logo will look just as good on your website or business cards because it uses contrasting fonts.

This design only uses two different font types, which helps create a cohesive image while remaining eye-catching. Also, they use serifs to make the letters pop off the page and appear more prominent in viewers' minds!

Make sure someone could draw it by hand 

One of my favorite techniques for creating logos involves using simple shapes like circles, triangles, etc., instead of overly complicated images. As long as you can identify each element within the puzzle (and most people would be able to), then there's no reason why anyone else can't as well. This technique is great for two reasons:

It's easy to remember and recreate, which means your logo will be just as effective on business cards or letterheads. It looks super cute because you can draw it by hand too! This design contains simple shapes that anyone could identify if they tried hard enough.

This logo utilizes a variety of circles and triangles that are easy to identify, with a few more complex shapes used as well. The combination helps give it a unique look while still appearing professional.

Make sure your target market knows how to pronounce the name  

Finally, another important factor you need to consider when designing logos is whether or not they can be pronounced. For example, would people know what 'Kleenex' means if someone said it out loud? In addition, many websites have foreign language components which may make certain phrases difficult for English speakers to read at first glance! If this pertains to you, try using phonetic spellings in place of written text (or vice versa), or even using symbols instead like the thinking man emoji!

People are subconsciously drawn to logos. While it is worthwhile to invest in a good logo, you also need other ways of grabbing attention. You can do that by incorporating these principles into your marketing strategy.

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