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February 28, 2022

5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

The digital marketing niche is known for its dynamism, thereby requiring players to be on the lookout for trends that will be relevant in the nearest future. Never in history has the digital marketing space experienced a more drastic change than during it has the COVID-19 period. New business marketing models and apps have emerged and will most likely influence the market in 2022.

"Businesses must be ready to take risks and keep trying out new methods because what works today may not necessarily work tomorrow," says David Brenton. Therefore, businesses need to understand the market's movement to identify possible trends that could make waves in the coming year.

2022 Digital Marketing Trends

Many trends that businesses should explore in 2022 have existed in the past but have only recently gained popularity. Others are new and have created quite a sensation from the moment of their inception. Let us dive in.

#1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly a digital marketing trend to watch out for in 2022. Recent statistics project an increase in the amount spent on influencer marketing from $9.7 billion in 2020 to $15 billion in 2022. This figure shows a possible quantum leap in this digital marketing avenue as many businesses will be taking advantage of influencers to build their brands.

Through Artificial Intelligence, marketers will be able to identify influencers with coverage within the targeted demographics whose content is most likely to convert patrons and help them buy in to the brand. This process can expand and diversify the business's consumer reach.

#2. The Emergence of New Marketing Strategies

Marketing is not a one-way street but a collaboration between customers and businesses. In 2022, companies will need to be more responsive to the needs and desires of their customers and bring out advertising content that will provide answers to the questions plaguing the hearts of customers.

Marketers will need to imbibe a content creation pattern that provides quality, yet straightforward content to answer their clients' questions. Additionally, the use of storytelling to capture the audience's attention to pass across the brand’s information will become more popular.

Storytelling as a digital marketing trend in 2022 will take the emphasis away from what you want to sell and instead tell people the benefit of what you are marketing can offer them. The use of user-generated content that will make it possible for customers' responses to be used as marketing content will also likely increase in 2022.

#3. Short Video DIYs

Short video content has not only come to stay but is making waves in the world of digital marketing. Platforms like Tik Tok that provide users with features like this have become a sensation recently. Other platforms are not left behind in this trend as Instagram has rolled out reels: a short Instagram video feature while YouTube (News - Alert) has added "shorts" to its features.

All these adjustments are evidence of the trends that digital marketing will follow in 2022. Short video content will convert faster and have a further reaching coverage in place of curated pictures and written content.

#4. Voice Search

In 2022, voice search will be a game-changer in digital marketing. Long-tail instead of short-tail keywords will become the new way of targeting the right audience for the products and services your offer.

The popularity of voice-activated assistants is growing, and many people are conducting searches on google using the voice search feature. People using the voice-search feature will most likely use long sentences to conduct Google (News - Alert) searches. To rank and convert, content marketers will have to make use of long-tail keywords to cover what most users ask on the internet.

#5. Content Remains King

The quality of content dished out to consumers must not be undermined come 2022. In digital marketing, content is and will remain king. Businesses that market quality content that seeks to add value will experience higher conversion rates than their counterparts who do not.

The competition in the digital marketing space is fierce. However, what will make your content stand out is its quality and simplicity, so ensure the content you send out is top-notch. Giving out quality content will help businesses build authority and maintain credibility.

Going Forward

The digital marketing world will surely experience a change in the way things are done. As cookies are on their way to extinction, brands will have to look for better ways of marketing their products and reaching their target audience. The consumer in 2022 will go for what will offer them the best possible value so, businesses will have to find better ways of making consumers believe they will get the value they require.

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