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Arcadian Networks Introduces Secure Wireless Data Communication Carrier
[April 07, 2006]

Arcadian Networks Introduces Secure Wireless Data Communication Carrier

TMCnet Contributing Editor
Telecommunications carrier Arcadian Networks, Inc. is introducing a secure wireless data communication network for utilities and other ‘dispersed-asset’ industries. 
The company will offer its clients access to broadband coverage in the 700-megahertz range so that they can collect, monitor and respond to mission-critical data in a real-time.
“Arcadian Networks’ service addresses a proven need for a truly customizable, secure and reliable, end-to-end solution for any industry looking to capture data from the field and manage assets remotely,” said Gil Perez, chief executive officer of Arcadian Networks, in a statement to the press.

Perez continued: “Our wireless network is the foundation for a reliable, secure, agile and robust digital network backbone for organizations serving large geographic areas with widely dispersed physical assets, mission-critical data and facing harsh weather conditions.  Working hand-in-hand with our prospective clients allowed us to develop and design the Arcadian broadband network to meet their current needs while enabling them to plan for the next generation of smart applications.”

Industries that will use this network comprise of electric, oil, gas, water and other base infrastructure utilities; governmental agencies; and mining and environmental organizations. When these industries build-out their data networks today in rural areas, they often have a low density of users or sites serving a large territory and therefore a diseconomy of scale.
Arcadian Networks’ main solution provides a fully integrated wireless broadband network with equipment and licensed spectrum for operational and mission critical applications such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), security surveillance, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), control area operations, automatic meter reading (AMR) and workforce management. 
The service allows utilities and dispersed assets industries to maintain their existing communication infrastructure while upgrading to an IP-based communications network.
Arcadian Networks is the first carrier to provide a secure two-way private licensed broadband radio spectrum to substations, feeders and meter sites, allowing utilities to monitor mission-critical assets in real-time, detect problems proactively and respond to the growing security requirements of their facilities and assets.
The service is available in 23 states, comprising more than 60 percent of the continental U.S. Arcadian Networks is funded by Goldman, Sachs and Co. and Gilo Ventures.
As a wireless carrier, Arcadian Networks’ licensed 700-megahertz spectrum provides its clients operational capabilities via the company’s broadband network. The company’s offering is designed to reduce operational costs and increase productivity by enabling real-time monitoring, control of operations, field services and management applications.
Niladri Sekhar Nath is a contributing writer for TMCnet covering telecommunications, service providers and networking.

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