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Adding Voice to Your Knowledgebase for Improved Customer Support
[April 23, 2007]

Adding Voice to Your Knowledgebase for Improved Customer Support

TMCnet Assistant Editor
If there's one thing that matters most for any business looking to be successful and stay ahead in the market place, it is customer experience and satisfaction.
When it comes to offering customer support, many companies have expanded their communications channels offering online support and self-service options in addition to just telephone communications.
However, since many have not embraced the availability of support via the web completely-- whether for technical reasons, or just the need to talk to a live person, there are still a number of costly calls coming into technical support lines that can be reduced with the addition of speech.

This is what the latest TMCnet White Paper Library offering from TuVox Inc. highlights.

The white paper, Five Best Practices to Make Your Knowledgebase "Talk" points out  that offering customers a strong knowledge base of white papers, technical articles and other documents is a great way of providing quality support and that  the goal should be to lessen the business impact of calls coming into a technical support center.
To achieve this, it is necessary to take those knowledgebase items and spread them across all customer interaction channels including voice self-service. By utilizing this information it also helps businesses to maximize the investment of those articles and other content.
By adding speech applications to the technical support line, calls become more automated and there is a significantly lower need to connect to a live agent.
Adding information to a voice self service applications however requires best practice procedures including steps to help with the selection of the right content and then converting that into speech, making it automated, and allowing it to become a self-service application that gets utilized and that improves the customer experience while also driving down the cost for calls answered by live agents.
Some of the steps include, scripting the content for audio delivery and providing effective caller control features.
For a more in-depth look at each key factor and further information, please read the white paper HERE.
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