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PBXpress Adds CRM Operator Ease to VoIP PBX
[August 06, 2007]

PBXpress Adds CRM Operator Ease to VoIP PBX

TMCnet Contributing Editor
PBXpress Communications has announced the addition of Web-based operator's console interface to its range of recording VoIP PBX.

The new operator's console is described by company officials as "a convenient way for any call center or CRM operator to handle incoming and outgoing calls with a mouse using a Web browser. The console allows a call center operator to monitor users' activities in real time, and perform typical operations."

The console displays important real-time information about extensions and active conversations, allowing the operator to see who is on the phone and which calls are connected. The operator can park a call by simply dragging a call with a mouse into the parking zone.
Disconnecting, holding, and transferring calls to any extension or telephone number is just as easy and works in a similar manner. The operator has a choice of transferring any call directly to voicemail at any time by simply dragging the call onto the tape icon.

The new console is AJAX based and is completely platform independent, does not require installation of client software, and works right in the Web browser. PBXpress discloses and fully documents its API and uses XML RPC, allowing seamless integration with other call center and CRM software.
Company officials describe the benefits of migrating to PBXpress VoIP by mentioning that call charges are reduced for IP based traffic to and from remote offices. PBXpress "will use a reliable VoIP connection if it is available or it will fall back to a PSTN connection," they say.
A major operating cost of legacy telephony systems is the required intervention by IT managers or technicians when staff moves around the organization. In a PBXpress VoIP network each user is immediately recognized by handset or log on.
There's also minimum investment is required to get started, since the PBXpress VoIP technology is embedded in your existing corporate data network. Your company can invest in a PBXpress and just a few SIP handsets to begin with. Subsequent telephony system expansion is as simple as plugging extra handsets into your existing LAN connections.
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