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SAS Intelligent Advertising Platform and Pinger to Maximize Ad-serving
[January 15, 2013]

SAS Intelligent Advertising Platform and Pinger to Maximize Ad-serving

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With the explosion of data on all fronts and mobile advertising seeing new peaks in 2012, businesses see a veritable gold mine that can be turned into profit, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, and hence turning data into actionable insight has become more complex than ever before.

Online publishers, inundated with data, are in the same boat. As the online advertising industry desperately needs better solutions to analyze and use all the new information available to them now, publishers have turned to SAS Intelligent Advertising integrated platform to help them maximize display and mobile ad serving.

"In SAS (News - Alert), they find the leading intelligent advertising provider, one that does not compete with them in the media space. We include all of the functionality publishers need, rather than leaving it to companies to cobble together point solutions for the results they need," said Jeff Wood, senior director at SAS Intelligent Advertising.
The Intelligent Advertising platform promises to optimize the ad-serving process with the help of Pinger (News - Alert), the first free device and carrier independent global communications network.
Publishers require robust reporting and analytics to better understand their inventory and SAS has the ability to integrate the entire mobile advertising process, ranging from pre-ad serving to post ad- serving with an easy-to-deploy cloud-based ad-server solution.
But the kind of targeting possible with online ad serving can't be accomplished as easily in mobile environments. It's a totally different ball game altogether for publishers can only segment markets by geographic areas and this is where Pinger promises to be useful.
"Pinger helps build strong competitive advantage by extracting SAS Intelligent Advertising insights from data," said Brian Gilbert, director of monetization at Pinger. "We put SAS to work on demographics, frequency capping, and device detection for market segmentation and campaign targeting."
Once publishers have a granular view of each market segment, advertisers and agencies will be armed with the power to improve results in various channels, which will definitely increase client satisfaction levels.
ITV, the U.K.'s largest commercial broadcaster, has adopted cloud-based ad server technology provided by SAS , a leader in business analytics and integrated marketing management, for its online services including the ITV Player video on demand service. SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers will help the broadcaster manage, forecast, serve, optimize and measure ad inventory across all its platforms. SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers helps determine which ad should be shown at what break during a particular program for maximum effectiveness.

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