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It's hard to ignore the exponential growth of the managed Wi-Fi market. Just consider that global cloud-managed infrastructure and managed services revenue will hit $653 million in 2014 and $2.5 billion by 2018, according to IDC. Within the retail sector alone, 82 percent of businesses have Wi-Fi networks up in their stores; 70 percent of these WAN connections are outsourced to a managed service provider, according to a brand new survey commissioned by EarthLink Holdings, IHL Group and AirTight Networks.
1/28/2015 6:19:05 PM
The unprecedented number of security breaches, hacks and DDoS attacks on gaming communities, software manufacturers and even Hollywood studios grew to epic proportions in Q4 of 2014. Gaming sites and their hosting providers are particularly susceptible, and you don't have to be a giant in the industry to be affected. In this article, we will explore why gaming sites are so hard-hit and how hosting providers can most effectively defend themselves.
1/28/2015 6:01:35 PM
Research firm IHS recently published the 2015 edition of its annual IT Racks and Enclosures Report, providing a thorough analysis of the IT rack and enclosure industry including products on the market as well as market size estimates and forecasts. Many characteristics of each product are considered, including its type, dimensions, color, geographic region, application, vertical market and distribution channel.
1/28/2015 5:55:57 PM
Within the mix of product releases and cooperation between enterprises, there is a small niche of news that can make readers jump out of their chairs. The introduction of the first commercially available gigabit Internet speed may have been one of those events.
1/28/2015 5:49:21 PM
Customers want more than the products and services they purchase; they expect an ongoing relationship, or at least the availability of one, that will ensure the value of their purchases. In a highly competitive market, a company's success at nurturing relationships and engaging with customers can be a critical differentiator.
1/28/2015 5:44:38 PM
CCNG events bring together area contact center, customer experience and customer care management from across industries to share perspectives, proven strategies and innovative best practices.
1/28/2015 5:30:00 PM
We've been discussing net neutrality for many years. Recently, the debate over this controversial topic has begun heating up again.
1/28/2015 5:22:16 PM
InGate is probably best known as a leader in designing and developing Sessions Border Controller (SBC) and firewall technology, carrying with it the goal offer everyone the opportunity for global person-to-person real-time communication. One of the primary technologies in the space that can provide this type of real-time communication is WebRTC, but questions still loom and until all players can create a standard this can prove a real hurdle.
1/28/2015 5:13:09 PM
Yorktel has been in the technology sector for three decades, having built a strong enough reputation for delivering reliable managed services, cloud solutions and enterprise video communications that it works closely with several government agencies as well as a number of Fortune 500 enterprises.
1/28/2015 5:02:07 PM
Senss Technologies has announced that it is developing a Bluetooth device, the Bluewire, to record calls on smartphones hands-free and is running a campaign on Indiegogo to fund it.
1/28/2015 4:58:24 PM
Its EagleEye Producer is a camera peripheral that uses facial recognition technology to frame the participant's faces for the best view. It automatically readjusts as people leave and enter a room. EagleEye integrates with Polycom's RealPresence Group Series and RealPresence Resource Manager to offer detailed analytics of conferences, including start times, end times and number of participants.
1/28/2015 4:54:43 PM
CCNG - the Contact Center Network Group - is a member-only Professional Peer Network organization (PPN) for Contact Center, Customer Experience and Customer Service Executives, Managers, and Leaders.
1/28/2015 4:52:47 PM
The demand for bandwidth is surging globally, with forecasts predicting consumers will be needing 100 Mbps of bandwidth by 2020. The growth is being driven by mobile, cloud computing, streaming services and the ever increasing number of people and organizations that are always online.
1/28/2015 4:49:45 PM
When it comes to what enterprise IT customers really want, all too often vendors are making gross assumptions about their customers' needs.
1/28/2015 4:33:17 PM
CCNG has just announced upcoming March and April Customer Experience and Engagement regional events sponsored by CCNG members.
1/28/2015 4:30:00 PM
CafeX, a company that creates software which makes it simple for companies to transform online customer engagement and mobile workforce collaboration, recently announced the launch of Quisbee, a cloud-based platform that provides personalized, instant engagement for website visitors.
1/28/2015 4:28:21 PM
The future is bright for IT, with powerful innovations hitting the market every day to offer companies a slew of new hosted and hybrid options. But with so much activity and attractive new services, it can be hard to predict which technology choices made now will be the smartest ones in the long run. Companies aren't just ensuring their security today-they're building business security for the future as well. Staying informed is a huge factor in sticking to a profitable strategy.
1/28/2015 4:19:19 PM
Carousel Industries, a provider of enterprise and mid-market level technology solutions, recently launched a new video conferencing offering called Simplicity Video. The cloud-based solution provides businesses with state-of-the art multi-point video tools to equally enhance internal collaboration as well as interactions with consumers and other businesses.
1/28/2015 4:16:06 PM
Many have been investing in programs that yield little value. And because they have done this over a period of years, sales systems and processes have grown more complex and less effective. Today, these processes and systems may need to be reinvented.
1/28/2015 4:08:03 PM
Every week it seems a different research firm releases a new projection for the number of connected devices that will come online over the next several years. Whether the number is 20, 30, or 50 billion, the bottom line is that the figure will be extremely large.
1/28/2015 4:05:53 PM
Voxbone is a cloud communications company that enables telephony applications such as conferencing and contact centers to receive phone calls, text messages and faxes in 52 countries. The company's services are accessed through a Web portal where Voxbone services are then delivered over a private IP network that interconnects with local phone networks in the countries where it operates.
1/28/2015 3:56:19 PM
AudioCodes Ltd. designs, develops and sells advanced Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and converged VoIP and Data networking products and applications to service providers and enterprises. AudioCodes is a VoIP technology market leader focused on converged VoIP & data communications and its products are deployed globally in broadband, mobile, cable and enterprise networks.
1/28/2015 3:50:40 PM
Founded in 2006 as Telcentris, Inc. today Voxox is an innovator in cloud communications services and offers businesses of all sizes a complete and sophisticated unified communications (UC) solution. In building on its commitment to offer the space, the hosted PBX provider announced its Cloud Phone Pro hosted VoIP solution at ITEXPO in Miami today.
1/28/2015 3:37:52 PM
Have you ever wondered how to maintain your brand message in an increasingly digital, connected world? When your customers hear your company name, what images and thoughts do you suppose come to their mind? Do you even know how to define the phrase brand? Such were the questions that were explored during a riveting marketing and branding discussion today at ITEXPO titled Technology and the Evolving Brand Experience.
1/28/2015 3:21:40 PM
There are those out there who knock the humble fax machine. Said scoffers point out its antiquated nature, its minimal security, its cumbersome nature, its waste of paper. But for some businesses, a lot of business is conducted via the fax machine, and even here, technology can ramp up even a platform that's starting to show its age.
1/28/2015 3:14:50 PM
The world of VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol - keeps expanding, and along with it rides the fortune of a number of companies. One of those is SwitchRay, a leading vendor of telecommunications software.
1/28/2015 3:07:18 PM
Communications service providers are missing out on a marvelous opportunity to make recurring revenues from DID numbers, says Rehan Allahwala of DIDx and Super Technologies Inc. DID Exchange, a service of Super Technologies, is a VoIP-based wholesale DID phone number marketplace for telecommunications service providers of all stripes.
1/28/2015 2:39:54 PM
2014 will forever be known as the year of the hack. And while many of the highest-profile intrusions were point-of-sale attacks on retailers or email hacks of corporations, VoIP and SIP security remain a major concern for organizations across the globe.
1/28/2015 2:35:21 PM
A lot has changed since 1994 when Congress first enacted the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). The act was initially put in place as a response to concerns among law enforcement agencies over emerging digital and wireless communications at the time (i.e. call forwarding, call transfer, multi-party calling, calling cards). Fast forward 21 years and the state of emerging digital technologies has transformed beyond measure, only posing that much more of a challenge for law enforcement agencies working to keep up.
1/28/2015 2:24:55 PM
With modern WFO and scheduling solution, the creation of schedules is a more transparent process. Employees can access schedule details when they need to (even from phones and tablets), so they feel less like orders from on high. Employees can automatically bid for overtime and/or vacation time based on parameters like performance or seniority, and workers can even swap shifts with one another without a manager's input as long as they have the right skills.
1/28/2015 1:56:13 PM
Wearables are penetrating into the enterprise and they will only grow from there, Beau Wilder, Director of Strategic Solutions for Plantronics, said during a breakout presentation today at ITEXPO titled How Wearable Tech Will Change the Enterprise.
1/28/2015 1:54:49 PM
IVR systems are among the tools that you can love due to the pros it offers your business, or hate due to how poorly it has seemed to evolve.
1/28/2015 1:40:15 PM
Organizations that have been slow to adopt VoIP are only convinced to make the switch when they realize that their competitors are spending far less on telecom bills after adopting IP telephony.
1/28/2015 1:23:20 PM
TMC and Crossfire Media today announced the winners of the Battle of the Platforms competition that took place at the M2M Evolution Conference & Expo, held January 27-30, 2015, at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida. The Battle of the Platforms was held on Tuesday, January 27, and showcased the latest platforms that help manage and deliver Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions.
1/28/2015 1:12:48 PM
B-Scada, a data access and visualization solutions provider for the industrial industry, is kicking off 2015 strong by unveiling its new Internet of Things (IoT) initiative at ITEXPO 2015, taking place now through January 30 in Miami, Florida. B-Scada CEO Ron DeSerranno discussed details of the company's new reveal with TMCnet at Editor's Day.
1/28/2015 1:05:34 PM
WebRTC and the use of real time communications, is taking over industries near and far for the technology's ability to maximize and expand capabilities never before possible. Everything from distance learning, to telemedicine and better enterprise collaboration are key driving forces.
1/28/2015 1:01:38 PM
Businesses out there that already turn to Total Connect Now from Unified Office are likely finding it to be a welcome addition to the arsenal, thanks to its value as a managed hybrid cloud communications system. But for those who wished that it came with a means to better evaluate just how effective it was overall, said wishes are about to be fulfilled as Unified Office is bringing Visual Performance Suite analytics to the Total Connect Now system.
1/28/2015 12:58:07 PM
Miami, Florida - Unified Office is a breath of fresh air in the me-too world of cloud VoIP. One of its verticals is the quick service restaurant market, providing inbound phone service for pizza franchises and other establishments where takeout and delivery are a large or the sole part of the business. The Visual Performance Suite analytics suite, announced here at ITEXPO this morning, provides a new world of information for business owners in the industry.
1/28/2015 12:54:55 PM
Miami, Florida - United Office is a breath of fresh air in the me-too world of cloud VoIP. One of its verticals is the quick service restaurant market, providing inbound phone service for pizza franchises and other establishments where takeout and delivery are a large or the sole part of the business. The Visual Performance Suite analytics suite, announced here at ITEXPO this morning, provides a new world of information for business owners in the industry.
1/28/2015 12:51:55 PM
Have IT managers lost their minds? Or are they only using half their brains? And if so, which side are they using now? Which side may they be using more in 2015 and beyond?
1/28/2015 12:50:53 PM
When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), the sky is effectively the limit, and with good reason. An increasing number of devices are arriving on store shelves, and whether the use case is for the ever-smartening home, or for the business user, there are plenty more ways to connect devices to each other and use said devices to report back to a central hub about conditions in the area. With the M2M Evolution Conference & Expo currently taking place through January 30 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida, it's not a surprise to see another new solution emerge from the folks at Axiros.
1/28/2015 12:47:01 PM
Facebook released a statement not long after the outage had hit, revealing that the cause of the shutdown was not ...the result of a third-party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems. Unusual for Facebook, certainly, but not out of line; these kinds of things can happen, particularly when dealing with computers.
1/28/2015 12:46:45 PM
Sapphire isn't as hard and while manufactures Sapphire may be fault free, any chipping can create an artificial fault that will cause a phone screen to break if it dropped. As the folks with the hardened Kyocera Brigadier found out, even with a rubber wrapped case, the screen broke easily when dropped.
1/28/2015 12:44:49 PM
Diabetes is ranked seventh in leading causes of death according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Currently, the primary way to manage type 1 and type 2 live Diabetes is by closely monitoring blood glucose levels, and the only way to do so is through a glucometer.
1/28/2015 12:43:52 PM
In cooperation with Bell Labs, the industrial research department of global telecom Alcatel-Lucent, a collection of research groups have determined that, by utilizing a mix of base radio stations, telecoms can achieve significant energy savings within their mobile networks.
1/28/2015 12:40:10 PM
Anyone in the technology industry can tell you they think that WebRTC is a pretty good idea. But when you hear it from someone who's intimately involved in it, it carries a little more weight.
1/28/2015 12:38:17 PM
In today's competitive retail landscape, businesses are pushing the envelope and getting creative when it comes to building an engaging customer experience. With communication technology evolving all the time, digital signage and personalization have become key ways for businesses to draw consumers in. And for Microsoft, already a leader in virtual tech, this seems like a logical strategy.
1/28/2015 12:32:13 PM
IBM's Gurvinder Ahluwalia was at ITEXPO Miami today talking about how the company and its partners are working to move the Internet of Things forward via the creation of an architecture called ADEPT that leverages bittorrent technology, the block chain technology that underpins BitCoin, and telehash.
1/28/2015 12:29:25 PM
WebNMS is at ITEXPO and the collocated M2M Evolution Conference & Expo this week telling its Internet of Things story. The company sells IoT solutions to enterprises, telecom service providers, and specialized systems integrators, and has been in this arena since 2009.
1/28/2015 12:25:34 PM
When it's business on the line, keeping systems up and operational is of vital importance. Without these systems, in many cases, business is either left limping or is hobbled outright. Having backup power supplies, or even backup Internet access, is par for the course for many firms, but how about backup phone service? What's to be done when the phone goes out? Digium may have a solution in mind in its new Switchvox Rescue system, a system that helps provide that little extra help when unexpected downtime strikes.
1/28/2015 12:22:46 PM
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