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Kofax Limited, a provider of smart process applications (SPA), recently announced its acquisition of Aia Holding BV to strengthen its offerings and gain a competitive advantage. Aia is a developer of customer communications management (CCM) software.
3/5/2015 6:05:19 PM
They say a picture is worth a thousands words, but what about videos? Scaled down, a video is just a lot of pictures-worth many words, we assume-packed together in a dynamic medium with extreme potential to leave a lasting impression.
3/5/2015 5:56:11 PM
The multichannel call center is nothing new. For years customers have been using various communication methods other than the telephone to reach out to companies-from e-mail, to web chat, and now even via social channels. These channels take only a second for the customer to pose the question for the company (and sometime for the rest of the world) as opposed to the time it used to take to dial the telephone number, press through menus and wait to talk to a live agent.
3/5/2015 5:54:42 PM
Business executives know that key accounts are vital to a thriving bottom line. In fact, the old 80/20 rule of business still prevails today where roughly 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your clients. Customer satisfaction equals increased revenue, which is why it's important to determine a baseline evaluation of your current customer experience management (CEM) strategies to offer insight into where improvements can be made to make your business more successful. In other words, a CEM strategy must be part of your company's core culture - your corporate DNA.
3/5/2015 5:26:15 PM
Anyone in the U.S. who watches the popular TV show Project Runway knows that at some point in every episode fashion icon Tim Gunn will look at the work of contestants and say, Make it work! As the Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC) event in Barcelona has highlighted, the mobile world is not just focused on making it work, but making it work every time and all the time.
3/5/2015 5:23:55 PM
Sonus recently introduced a new architectural platform, Sonus IQ, which is designed to provide intelligence and security when delivering application resources to users over an IP network. It addresses the shortcomings of present day networks that do little or nothing to regulate the flow of applications and data.
3/5/2015 5:19:23 PM
iRobot thrives on delighting customers with innovative products that make life better. As Director of Global Technical Support, my #1 mission is to ensure every customer is as thrilled with our products as the day they bought them. You can imagine how vital delivering stellar customer service is to me and my management team. Fortunately, we've been able to do that, achieving well above average CSAT on a consistent basis over the last five years, through great products, processes, and a great partnership.
3/5/2015 5:08:26 PM
Contact centers that don't fully embrace digital as a way of interacting with customers might well be putting themselves out of business.
3/5/2015 5:05:00 PM
Strategic Products and Services (SPS) has expanded its portfolio of managed services offerings with the acquisition of multimedia and unified communications (UC) specialist ExtraTeam. SPS, which is also a seasoned systems integrator, acquired the MSP to build out its offerings in the areas of networking, communications and data centers.
3/5/2015 5:02:02 PM
Alteva, a provider of unified communications services, has announced that the moving service Two Men and a Truck has chosen them to build its new call center system.
3/5/2015 4:52:01 PM
Out at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event, a host of new developments are emerging to help shape the future of mobile as we know it. Vidyo announced one such development via its VidyoMobile mobile videoconferencing system, which is set to be part of the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.
3/5/2015 4:40:10 PM
There's a revolution afoot in the contact center industry. Those who don't recognize it as such might well get left behind.
3/5/2015 4:30:00 PM
For those in the U.S. who watch the popular TV show Project Runway, you know that at some point in every episode fashion icon Tim Gunn will look at the work of contestants and say, make it work! As the Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC) event in Barcelona has highlighted, the mobile world is not just focused on making it work in general, but making it work every time and all the time end-to-end, securing and cost-effectively.
3/5/2015 4:23:31 PM
Contact centers have undergone an irreversible evolution over the last decade, new research shows. Digital is leading the way.
3/5/2015 3:50:00 PM
The Eye Tribe is a Danish startup company, which produces eye tracking technology. The company mainly sells the technology to software developers so the eye tracking device can be incorporated into their applications and programs. The Eye Tribe's software allows a user to direct a smart phone, tablet, or computer with just the look of an eye.
3/5/2015 3:49:48 PM
Around the world we are still for the most part in the nascent stages of 4G LTE rollouts. However, as the now concluding Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC) event in Barcelona has shown there is already momentum building around what comes next. In fact, 5G visions and the start of ecosystem and research consortiums are already gathering steam as witnessed by the announcement from service assurance solutions provider MYCOM OSI that it was joining the leading U.K. research initiative on 5G, The University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC).
3/5/2015 3:42:46 PM
Wearable technology is all about integrating useful mobile tools into to your life without having to add more electronics to your already-stuffed pockets. In the foreseeable future, watches, glasses, and jewelry will be able to perform many - even oust smartphones, tablets, and diapers. You read correctly. I said diapers-the kind worn by the incontinent to avoid embarrassment or unwanted messes. A Japanese startup based in California named Triple W has announced a wearable device that predicts your bowel movements before you feel them coming.
3/5/2015 3:05:08 PM
Networking and communication equipment company ADTRAN is getting some major traction with its Bluesocket vWLAN platform. The company announced that burgeoning managed service provider (MSP) Black Sea Systems is using the platform as well as ADTRAN's ProCloud managed services to meet increasing customer demand for wireless services.
3/5/2015 2:57:26 PM
Not so long ago, we heard about how Zappos was taking a page from Uber's book when it came to staffing issues, which resulted in a concept called surge pay. New reports from CNBC suggest that the idea has advanced, and brought some new features along for the ride as part of a complete package Zappos is calling a holacracy.
3/5/2015 2:50:53 PM
A new report says 'digital' is the wave of the future for contact centers.
3/5/2015 2:45:00 PM
Radio access networks, which play an integral part in modern mobile networks, are trending toward virtualization much like many other networking elements. Moving forward with concepts such as network functions virtualization, telecommunications companies such as Alcatel-Lucent are changing the face of what it means to deliver mobile.
3/5/2015 2:31:37 PM
Wyless has a new leader. The Internet of Things company revealed late last month that Mike Coffey has been elevated to the position of CEO. The news comes three months after the company's previous CEO exited, and follows a handful of other new management appointments.
3/5/2015 2:13:31 PM
Carrier iQ, a developer of mobile intelligence software, recently announced the latest updates to its iQ Care platform which, with its subset of programs, can help call centers decrease costs and improve customer service with analytics, diagnostics, and proactive problem resolution.
3/5/2015 2:05:46 PM
Managed care healthcare services provider WellCare Health Plans recently announced the opening of its newest call center operation which had its ribbon-cutting ceremony in Paris, Texas where it will provide more than 150 jobs.
3/5/2015 2:00:34 PM
Customer service and technology are pervasive across all industries. Any business that sells a product or service must offer effective customer assistance, a job that mandates efficient technology resources. As a company responsible for serving its clients by providing coverage for household appliances, Choice Home Warranty is in the unique position of having to meet extraordinary demands on both fronts-and so far, they're doing a great job of it.
3/5/2015 1:57:29 PM
Of course, success is never as simple as having the right tools; it also depends on how the tools are used, and the overall environment. But not having the right tools can hurt just as much as not using the right tools correctly, so having a system like Five9's on hand-with its new partners-should be a step in the right direction of improving service and realizing the benefits accordingly.
3/5/2015 1:55:44 PM
Microsoft is prepping the launch of the Windows 10 operating system, with clear sights on powering if not dominating emerging categories like smartwatches and the Internet of Things. In fact, it's even gunning for Google's Android Wear OS, which has a head start in the wearables market.
3/5/2015 1:54:36 PM
The Internet of Things (IoT) is moving beyond mere projections and forecasts, and this notion of billions of connected devices helping to make our lives better, the enterprise more efficient, and the customer experience more personalized and satisfying, is as tangible as ever. Hammering this point home is an announcement made today at Mobile World Congress from IoT connectivity solution provider Stream technologies.
3/5/2015 1:53:19 PM
Driven by exploding bandwidth requirements from both traditional and emerging types of connected devices, the global carrier market for optical transport network (OTN) equipment is projected to reach $16.8 billion by 2020.
3/5/2015 1:52:49 PM
Next generation digital services are redefining interactions between the enterprise and the end user by offering more contextually sound and relevant engagements. With the customer experience being paramount, being a participant in the digital revolution will not only improve customer engagement but the bottom line as well.
3/5/2015 1:51:49 PM
So often in our industry when looking at future and the need for accelerating the adoption of new capabilities we tend to overlook the cause for having a sense of urgency. This happens to be true for the adoption of next generation telecom signaling solutions, particularly Diameter Signaling, and the point for accelerating deployment was driven home in the release of the J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance Study?-Volume 1.
3/5/2015 1:51:06 PM
Contact centers that don't fully embrace digital as a way of interacting with customers might well be putting themselves out of business. That's the gist of a new report from research firm Dimension Data, summed up in its just-released 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report.
3/5/2015 1:46:59 PM
Businesses today are having a difficult time keeping up with customer demand, as the inception of multichannel customer service has changed the playing field of how customers interact with the companies they do business with. The increased online connectivity of consumers allows for businesses to communicate with their customer base far beyond the customer service call, and there are tools available today that can help streamline these interactions, but what about non-brand controlled communities?
3/5/2015 1:46:04 PM
In a move to expand its mobile payment capabilities, PayPal is buying Paydiant. The deal, which is reportedly valued at $280 million, is expected to close this month or next.
3/5/2015 1:45:04 PM
Advertising has certainly become far more complex and integrated since the age of the Internet and social media. Businesses have options today that were a mere dream way back when, but with all of these options, it's imperative to plan, execute, and find where your presence is going to offer the most return on your investment. We know that we're living in a mobile, digital era, so why aren't you in the app marketplace?
3/5/2015 1:44:03 PM
Voxox, a cloud-based unified communications (UC) provider, has announced that it has made its Cloud Phone available to mobile carriers and original equipment manufacturers for rebranding.
3/5/2015 1:41:34 PM
The benefits of hosted solutions are by now well known: It offers lower costs, frees businesses from maintenance and upgrades, brings added features, and allows firms to only pay for what they need, enabling both scaling up or down.
3/5/2015 12:56:34 PM
When it comes to the automation of transactions, to borrow a cliche, the bottom line is the bottom line. Getting paid promptly is a big deal not just for cash flow, but also because it impacts every aspect of enterprise planning. The need for speed is why so much investment is going into the automation of payment processes in terms of creating obligations and getting them paid and properly tracked.
3/5/2015 12:35:18 PM
Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies are great for enabling employees to use their own familiar equipment at work to get things done, but there's still a place for enterprise-owned phones that can be monitored and transferred to other staff when needed.
3/5/2015 11:45:00 AM
While discussions of employee engagement proliferate in the business press, urgency about the problem - about 70 percent of workers report not being engaged with their jobs - is hard to find.
3/5/2015 11:17:36 AM
What VoIP has done for communications costs, VoLTE must surpass to make it a complete knockout.
3/5/2015 11:10:00 AM
One of the most important, but perhaps underappreciated, relationships in any company is the one between the marketing and sales departments.
3/5/2015 11:07:13 AM
Further, the app allows active call monitoring for VoIP business owners, who can monitor live calls from the app. Business owners can know the total calls running on their softswitch, and see the top 10 clients sending calls to the softswitch at any time.
3/5/2015 10:48:24 AM
A little over a year ago, Accellion announced the launch of kiteworks, a mobile first solution with a three-tier architecture, which was designed to help people work securely regardless of their location. The separate layers offer deployment options for enhanced security, such as putting the Web layer in the DMZ for external users, while keeping the application and data layers behind the firewall to reduce the risk of data breaches.
3/5/2015 10:46:01 AM
Wearable technology has always been about two key points: the kind of technology the device contains, and the aesthetics of the device itself. If one point falters, the product itself is inherently harmed. Pebble recently showed off the Pebble Time Steel, a refined smartwatch that seems to advance both sides at once, offering new features and a new look.
3/5/2015 10:42:44 AM
Predictive dialing is for most businesses. Don't let enterprise predictive dialers scare you off.
3/5/2015 10:36:33 AM
An important reason for VoIP in the enterprise is the features. Unlike analog phones or even smartphones, VoIP brings the goods when it comes to calling functionality.
3/5/2015 10:30:00 AM
Most businesses still have office-bound workers and need physical resources to make money. Sometimes reality gets in the way of the future. That's the case with the fax, too.
3/5/2015 10:23:53 AM
An effective communications solution can drive organizations to be more productive and avoid many of the problems that arise because of inability to reach all the intended targets. With more people working from anywhere, anytime and on any device, a unified communications (UC) solution that can bring everyone together is essential. A company that is improving its UC offering to meet the new requirement of its customers is XO Communications, provider of advanced IP communications, with the launch of a full suite of UC features for its Hosted PBX (HPBX) service.
3/5/2015 10:22:32 AM
Interfacing with the customer during this customer journey is important for the business that wants to stand out in the crowd (and what business does not want to stand out?).
3/5/2015 10:17:12 AM
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