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Another week has come and gone-and in addition to some pleasant spring weather here in the Northeast-we've seen several big headlines for Lync Migration. It's time for the week in review!
4/18/2015 7:15:00 AM
It's feeling more like spring than ever, and with the budding of the trees and the blooming of the flowers comes a big push in real time communications news as well. So with that in mind, and a weekend afoot, take a moment before putting on your yard clothes for a second cup of coffee and a look at the biggest events of the week with our Week in Review coverage!
4/18/2015 7:11:00 AM
Analytics in the enterprise, the contact center in particular, have transformed the way business is done. The ability to accurately predict customer behavior and take the appropriate action based on intelligence and not your gut is invaluable in today's dog-eat-dog, highly competitive business landscape. The news this week in the Contact Center Analytics Review certainly reflected a focus on analytics and more. You may have guessed, it's that time again; time for the week in review!
4/18/2015 7:10:00 AM
There's never a dull moment in the world of Unified Communications. This week we saw renowned hotels bolstering their services with UC, multi-million dollar deals, and the forging of powerhouse partnerships with bright futures.
4/18/2015 7:10:00 AM
This week in Call Recording news, Telcom & Data said it worked to get Cooper Wheelock the SafePath Emergency Evacuation System running and ready for the new spring and summer seasons which tend to also bring weather emergencies.
4/18/2015 7:10:00 AM
The news in next generation digital services this week painted a vivid picture of a growing market. With opportunity and innovation abound there is little time to waste. As you may have guessed, it's that time again; time for the week in review!
4/18/2015 7:10:00 AM
Maybe it is due to the fact that the Apple Watch went on sale yesterday, but it seems that ever since it was announced that most of the wearable news has revolved around smartwatches. With this in mind, are advertisers and marketers drawing into the allure of promoting on smartwatches? According to recent studies being conducted, it would appear that they are.
4/18/2015 7:09:00 AM
A number of call centers reported this week that they will be opening their doors in locations throughout the U.S. The first of the bunch comes from global insurance company Liberty Mutual. Its brand-new call center in Plano, Texas could bring up to 5,000 jobs to the area.
4/18/2015 7:08:00 AM
As will be seen from the news this week the Telecom Signaling Community continues to in many ways be all about TESTING! In fact, there were three items of interest on this front. However, before getting to the news, I wanted to call out two recent video additions to the site: Oracle Orchestration on Intel ONP Server and Diameter Signaling Router. They are both highly informative and obviously visualization with explanation is a great way to acquire valuable information.
4/18/2015 7:07:00 AM
While there are plenty of competitors out there in terms of communications, for many businesses, session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking is the way to go. That means a lot of big news in this sector, and a lot of ground to cover. With the weekend afoot, it's a great time to settle in and run down some of the biggest events in the week that was, which we'll do right now with our Week in Review coverage!
4/18/2015 7:06:00 AM
To say that this was a big week in the Next Generation Communications Community might be an understatement. In a move with major repercussions, not just in this community but in adjacent ones, rumors about Nokia acquiring Alcatel-Lucent quickly went from speculation to confirmation. As someone who has been observing the asset realignments of Nokia, Alcatel, Lucent and Siemens over the years you hopefully will find my observations on the transaction of interest.
4/18/2015 7:05:00 AM
This week, the call center space had an acquisition, executive appointment and new solution offerings making headlines.
4/18/2015 7:05:00 AM
A handful of years ago, a popular new type of website started popping up on the Internet. The collection of anonymous text, audio, and video chat sites became household names with interested consumers who wanted the services to speak to random people from everywhere in the world without giving away their identities.
4/18/2015 7:04:00 AM
If there was a theme this week on IoT Connectivity Solutions, it was optimism. Every story, it seemed like the predictions were for healthy growth and mo' money, fewer problems. Let's get into it.
4/18/2015 7:02:00 AM
Docker, Fiber Mountain, and Huawei are some of the most important movers and shakers in network transformation today. And they've had some significant news in recent days.
4/18/2015 7:02:00 AM
If you're reading this, you've probably already heard about network functions virtualization and software-defined networking - two new technologies/architectures that aim to make networking more agile. But have you heard the term web-scale networking? If not, listen up, because this new term has now entered the networking lexicon.
4/18/2015 7:01:00 AM
What a crazy week here at the Evolution offices. The first thing you must have noticed is that we have launched our new look and new home at We're very excited about the new site, and the redesign, and I hope you are too.
4/18/2015 7:00:00 AM
It's next to impossible to manage a successful enterprise without remote conferencing. The rapidly proliferating technology allows employees in multiple corners of the globe to be of one mind. This is why every day at The Conferencing Zone we strive to bring you all the new implementations and industry analysis driving this extraordinarily useful communication tool. Now it's time to tie this week's news in a bow with our Week in Review coverage.
4/18/2015 7:00:00 AM
Airware on April 16 released its Aerial Information Platform (AIP), which is an operating system for commercial drones. It combines controllers for hardware, software, and cloud services to make it possible for enterprises to safely deploy drones while staying compliant with regulatory and insurance requirements.
4/17/2015 5:50:15 PM
A new report released on April 15 by Pwnie Express, a remote security monitoring vendor, warns about the risks inherent in the so-called Internet of Evil Things (IoET) and defines the key factors and threats facing businesses today. It also offers a framework for a comprehensive defense against the IoET.
4/17/2015 5:41:25 PM
We live in interesting times and this week was a prime example. It started with a rumor that Nokia was going to acquire Alcatel-Lucent to create what would be the world's second largest network systems company. The rumor became reality the next day. Now at the end of the week comes the announcement from Finland that Nokia has appointed Jorg Erlemeier Integration Planning Head for the integration of Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent to follow the proposed combination of the two companies.
4/17/2015 5:30:52 PM
Verizon released its 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report on April 15, and it says that of the five billion IoT devices predicted by the end of the decade, most will be unitaskers and therefore very difficult to encrypt. The question it asks is whether it even needs to be.
4/17/2015 5:24:02 PM
Last year, Microsoft started translating voice calls through Skype. The Skype Translator began a preview program in the middle of December 2014, with the original test included translations of English and Spanish. At the time, Microsoft was marketing Skype Translator as a tool for schools with testing carried out with students in the U.S. and Mexico.
4/17/2015 5:19:38 PM
Nexmo, an API-focused communication company has just announced the release of a new Chat App API. This new API is geared towards making sure that development teams and agencies can work with brands and other companies in order to enhance brand-to-consumer communications. Initially, the new Chat App API will work with WeChat and the Line chat app. Nexmo says it is working on making sure it can extend the technology to other chat apps in the very near future.
4/17/2015 5:13:05 PM
It is always interesting in analyzing data to look deeply at results that are highly correlated. It is why, given the absolute priority of securing enterprise data and assuring employees are well-schooled in best practices for risk avoidance and mitigation, the a recent survey done by Sunnyvale, CA-based mobile access solutions provider Aruba Networks is so interesting. In fact, according to Aruba it turns out that some of us are way more cautious than others. As the headline says, these differences in attitudes and practices regarding security are very much linked to our age, industry and where we live and work.
4/17/2015 3:34:24 PM
Managing to get an award three times in rapid succession is sometimes called a three-peat, a portmanteau of three and repeat. A three-peat is no small achievement, because it requires consecutive wins, often amid some stiff competition. Epiq Systems managed to land one of these coveted designations recently when it managed to win, for the third time, the kCura Orange-level Best in Service title for Relativity end users.
4/17/2015 3:32:17 PM
No person is an island, and that's especially true in the modern office. DocAuto has announced the release of version 2.0 of its ePredict email tagging solution for WorkSite.
4/17/2015 3:24:32 PM
Two of every three employees are disengaged, according to Gallup. That's too bad, because more engaged employees tend to add up to better customer service. That said, this is particularly relevant information for call center workers and their managers.
4/17/2015 3:21:23 PM
Communications technology provider Avaya has its sights set on the country of India. Its latest move in the country regards its acquisition of KnoahSoft, a developer of workforce optimization software, who has much of its workforce in Hyderabad, Telangana.
4/17/2015 3:20:51 PM
Plusnet, a phone services and broadband Internet provider in the U.K., recently announced that its subscriber numbers are climbing the charts to nearly one million users.
4/17/2015 2:58:10 PM
Akamai has announced two new additions to its Cloud Security Solutions service: Managed Kona Site Defender and Kona DDoS Defender.
4/17/2015 2:54:28 PM
Is your business suffering from a poorly functioning mobile website? If so, here's a wakeup call: If you don't take action to improve your website's basic mobile functionality (i.e., appearance, content and navigability), you can expect your site to significantly drop in Google's indexed search engine rankings-both in mobile searches and on the Web.
4/17/2015 2:50:59 PM
The hosted service provider Intility has announced that it has integrated Voxbone's virtual local phone numbers into its hosted Lync service.
4/17/2015 2:30:45 PM
PointNurse, a telemedicine startup, has announced that it has partnered with Swarm Fund to build the Global Telemedicine and Telehealth Distributed Collaborative Organization.
4/17/2015 2:20:54 PM
Up in Canada's Thunder Bay, Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) was found to be closing its call center, and for a reason that some might never have expected. Reports from Nearshore Americas suggest that HGS couldn't find a sufficiently large number of skilled employees willing to get into the job.
4/17/2015 2:08:16 PM
Recent research illustrated a startling trend in next generation digital services; enterprise demand for new connected digital services is not being met. Put simply, service providers are not answering the call and riding this wave of opportunity to higher engagement and new revenue opportunities.
4/17/2015 2:02:30 PM
In a world where companies are constantly looking for the silver bullet for customer service, firms are still a long way from finding Nirvana. This is especially true when talking about call centers, which sometimes feel the need to contact customers when they would rather not be bothered. With this in mind, the North Carolina Attorney General's office just released a list of some of the biggest complaints from consumers when it comes to dealing with these kinds of companies.
4/17/2015 1:55:59 PM
The way Zebra Technologies sees it the Internet of Things really is just an extension of barcode technology.
4/17/2015 1:48:17 PM
It's a strange notion, being a company that wants to take Android away from Google, but that's just the kind of thing that Cyanogen seems to be pretty interested in doing of late. New reports suggest that Cyanogen OS is about to get a lot more powerful thanks to a new connection with Microsoft that will see some Microsoft standards brought to the Cyanogen OS front.
4/17/2015 1:47:52 PM
There is very little doubt that the VoIP industry is only getter bigger and stronger the further we move into the 21st century. The DICE corporation is one of those firms that is seeing an increase in the use of technology as well as the ways in which that technology is used. The company recently talked to Security Info Watch about the growth of its software sales, as well as the increase to Telecom problems that have been encountered by a number of firms that work in this particular business sector.
4/17/2015 1:34:58 PM
Next week is the annual RSA gathering of security professionals in San Francisco. This can only mean two things.
4/17/2015 1:32:41 PM
Shift Networks is fairly well known in Canada's voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) market, thanks to its range of services for the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market in the region. But Shift Networks may not prove well-known so much longer as its parent company, Strategic Group, announced that Shift Networks was engaged in a merger with Broad-Connect Telecom Inc., effective as of April 15, 2015.
4/17/2015 12:14:01 PM
A new release of the Pluribus Networks operating system features BGP fabrics and virtual router redundancy protocol for data center scale out and Hadoop, CLI and vManage GUI support, REST APIs, VXLAN tunneling for VM connectivity across backbones, and more. These capabilities address network operators' needs by leveraging their existing networks and skillsets, while allowing them to move to new software-defined networks at their own pace, according to Pluribus.
4/17/2015 12:08:38 PM
Mozilla announced recently the release of Firefox 37. The latest version of the browser adds support for native HTML5 video playback and affects several security features.
4/17/2015 12:04:56 PM
The connectivity market is driving some impressive new ideas going forward, but with this also comes some distressing possibilities. A new report from ABI Research shows that the market for indoor connectivity is experiencing its ups and downs, and it's likely that advanced equipment-particularly femtocells-is going to be a big part of that action for some time to come.
4/17/2015 12:01:16 PM
Today's digital lifestyle did not just happen overnight but it is certainly evolving at a breakneck pace, and it is through collaboration and partnerships in the ecosystem to provide service providers and the like with expanded revenue and engagement opportunities. This week, the digital services community saw Tech Mahindra and Comverse announce the signing of a global strategic relationship.
4/17/2015 11:55:54 AM
The first time I ran a marathon I was unprepared. I was 23, had a full-time job, and didn't want to give up my social life on weekends to recover from 12-20 miles runs. So I fit in training when I could. My lack of discipline caught up with me on race day when I collapsed twice from exhaustion/dehydration, and had to be pulled off the course by medics.
4/17/2015 11:21:24 AM
The trick with maintaining the balance between security and productivity without seeming like Big Brother to employees will be in the presentation. Not all distracted behavior is an effort to defraud the company - electronic media bombardment can happen during the course of work research, as well - and employees may not even realize how they are becoming sidetracked. Present any monitoring programs as an effort to help employees do their jobs better, and attitudes will likely remain positive.
4/17/2015 11:05:27 AM
Symbio Networks, an Australasian provider of wholesale voice, VoIP, SIP managed services and colocation, has launched a fully integrated SIP solution on its enhanced iBoss platform for companies looking to develop their telco offering.
4/17/2015 10:59:09 AM
SGS, a global inspection, verification, testing and certification company, has implemented the 8100 LTE solution from Spirent Communications to enhance the testing capabilities it offers to customers. Spirent provides testing solutions and technology for a variety of applications including data centers, cloud computing and virtualized environments, Ethernet networks and services, 3G/4G wireless networks and devices, network and application security and positioning technologies.
4/17/2015 10:51:29 AM
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