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Ask any CIO about the state of security in today's business environment and you are likely to get a very long sigh before he or she starts spewing the litany of issues they have to deal with every second of the day. Whether it is hackers in Eastern Europe and Russia or alleged government sponsored hackctivity in China, the threats are very real and getting worse by the day.
10/30/2014 8:45:39 AM
The company also recently announced six new Oracle Cloud Platform services with the addition of big data analytics, integration, process management, Java Platform, Standard Edition, and Node.js.
10/30/2014 8:35:46 AM
Ruckus Wireless is a global Wi-Fi technology pioneer, whose focus is on building the next generation of Smart Wireless LAN systems. The company manufactures and markets smart Wi-Fi products directly to broadband services providers and smart WLAN systems indirectly to enterprise customers. Ruckus Wireless is credited with developing the first smart Wi-Fi products and technology that extend the range of Wi-Fi signals and automatically adapt to environmental changes. Its customers include large telecommunication service providers on a global level such as Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Deutsche Telekom and China Telecom.
10/30/2014 8:19:41 AM
The cloud marketplace is getting extremely competitive as major players in the IT industry continue to provide services in this environment. While Amazon's AWS still leads the pack, Google, Microsoft, IBM and others are making sizeable investments to overtake Amazon. This has resulted in a price war that is benefiting individual consumers and organizations of all sizes.
10/30/2014 8:14:52 AM
Firebase cited the complementary nature of the two companies' products and missions as a main benefit of the acquisition. Firebase now has an opportunity to scale the service to a greater set of users with the help of Google's engineering talent, resources and technical infrastructure. On the other hand, Google will benefit from Firebase's rapid development capabilities. The result is a complete web and mobile app platform that can continue to grow as the combined knowledge base brings quick and effective improvements.
10/30/2014 8:10:23 AM
With such a large customer base, not addressing this market with their native language can prove to be costly, not only for Comcast but all businesses as this segment continues to make up a larger percentage of the population.
10/30/2014 8:07:31 AM
When a person runs, this smart device will calculate the impact and pressure on the foot and the muscles being used by the runner. Using these numbers, Stridalyzer will then be able to predict the chances of injury more accurately. Other than forecasting injury, it can also keep track of distance covered and calories burned so that runners do not have to wear another device for getting these stats.
10/30/2014 8:02:49 AM
When cloud-based contact center systems were first introduced, the early adopters were looking for ways to be more agile with customer service. These solutions allowed them to be flexible in using distributed agent pools and home-based agents. Today, more and more companies are moving to the cloud model, and there is evidence that cost is the major driver for these switches.
10/30/2014 8:02:00 AM
Hewlett-Packard has slowly and surely been trying to reduce the scope of business when it comes to its central operations. Earlier this year, the firm announced it was basically spinning off its printers and PC ventures. Now there are numerous reports indicating the firm has begun talks with several private equity firms with the end goal being to sell its enterprise networking business to a Chinese purchaser.
10/30/2014 7:52:21 AM
Retailers be warned - brand loyalty counts for less and less among younger consumers, who are likely to head to competitors if their mobile experience isn't what they think it should be.
10/30/2014 7:51:22 AM
When AOL executive Ryan Block posted eight minutes of a painful conversation with a rep at Comcast's Customer Retention Department, five million people heard it. The New Yorker made a cartoon out of it, and David Letterman put it on a Top 10 list.
10/30/2014 7:46:58 AM
A new study by Mobidia shows that larger smartphone screen sizes strongly correlate with increased app minutes of usage. The tipping point seems to come at screen diagonals of about five inches.
10/30/2014 7:42:12 AM
A new survey by Microsoft polled a little over 1,000 people and discovered that roughly four in 10 Americans report enduring either daily or weekly attempts by cyber criminals to gain access to their personal computer.
10/30/2014 7:28:13 AM
A new survey by Microsoft polled a little over 1,000 individuals and discovered that roughly four in 10 Americans report enduring either daily or weekly attempts by cyber criminals to gain access to their personal computer.
10/30/2014 7:22:09 AM
The challenge for a number of these organizations, according to Business2Community is that they aren't sure how to integrate or even report on the data that they capture. This is where call accounting can lend considerable value. For a number of companies, call recording is already in place for regulatory purposes. Why not use that captured data to learn more about the customer base, why they are calling, the most common times they call and other trends identified and associated with known facts about the client base?
10/30/2014 7:22:00 AM
Smartphones are becoming more and more present all over the world, and though they are incredibly powerful, many users are not getting the most out of their devices. Specifically, smartphones are capable of accessing the Internet and other wireless data networks and are equipped with cameras, allowing them to partake in real time video conferencing.
10/29/2014 6:18:12 PM
A recent survey conducted by Software Advice found that most customers are turned off by scripted responses when calling a support center. When a customer service representative (CSR) sounds too mechanical, the customer's reaction is often the opposite of what the script intended. Using more natural dialog is a better way to improve the customer's experience over the phone.
10/29/2014 6:14:33 PM
Since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, messaging platforms have been a hot commodity, which has resulted in several acquisitions. The latest deal involves Nimbuzz, a messaging app with more than 200 million users around the world, with most of them located in India. While the company was not purchased outright, New Call, a telecommunications provider of low-cost fixed line and broadband services in the U.K., has invested $175 million in the company for a 70 percent stake, increasing its value to $250 million.
10/29/2014 6:11:50 PM
iSoftBet, a provider of online betting and casino platforms, decided to get a taste of the mobile pie last week in a partnership with LeoVegas, a mobile casino. At this point, remaining on the desktop Web is much like retailers sticking to brick and mortar locations-in other words, putting these businesses at a disadvantage in the modern mobile era. To grow its market, iSoftBet wants to add to its traditional desktop gambling platform by expanding into mobile through HTML5.
10/29/2014 6:07:56 PM
International digital security company Gemalto is now working with the public body that completes licensing and vehicle registration in the Netherlands - the Rijksdienst voor Wegverkeer (RDW). It will provide the regulatory body with its Sealys electronic driving license in order to help the country combat license fraud and forgery.
10/29/2014 6:04:32 PM
ForeScout, a provider of network access control and policy compliance products, recently announced that the University of Rochester Medical Center has deployed its network security platform, CounterACT.
10/29/2014 6:01:38 PM
It's a fairly common lament-or so I've heard, anyway-that active ladies who enjoy a workout often find necessary support is somewhat lacking, making what should be a comparatively gratifying experience rather painful and unpleasant instead. Enter the sports bra, a device that offers a note of relief in this department, if in something of a low-tech fashion. But the sports bra is about to get a bit of an augmentation from NuMetrex, a company that is taking the sports bra and turning it into a full-on thoracic harness with heart rate detection and measurement capabilities.
10/29/2014 5:56:32 PM
One of the biggest issues in the wearable tech market-as it is in the mobile technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) market as well-is the issue of the processor. Processors are often required to make technology accomplish all those great things that it can accomplish, but at the same time, when it comes to devices in the previously mentioned markets, other considerations come into play. To that end, it's not a surprise to see mergers and acquisitions (M&A) going on in processors, as exemplified by MegaChips Corporation's move to buy SiTime Corporation.
10/29/2014 5:51:23 PM
With demand for bandwidth rapidly on the rise, mobile device use skyrocketing and a host of new devices coming online that need interconnecting, it's not surprising to see that, along with all these developments, follows development in bandwidth as well. These developments have all come together in a new announcement from CenturyLink and Alcatel-Lucent that shows just how far the growing network can go as the two companies combine efforts to put in play powerful new tools to drive network growth.
10/29/2014 5:43:39 PM
A new report has emerged that makes one thing clear: the accounting industry has about five clear trends about to hit. From the largest of corporate accounting ventures to the simplest, key industry trends are set to arrive and pose opportunity for those who pay attention, and hazard for those that don't.
10/29/2014 4:51:34 PM
CounterPath Corp. has received a patent that has to do with enabling a seamless user experience by converting the communication features of one network to comparable features of another. This allows users can stay connected among cellular and other wireless networks. The company announced the award of patent No. US 8848880 today.
10/29/2014 4:45:42 PM
It's been 15 years in the making, but the HTML5 standard has now been moved to the fully baked column by the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3), and will serve as the cornerstone of the W3C Open Web Platform.
10/29/2014 4:40:56 PM
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published its Recommendation of HTML5 on Tuesday, the fifth major revision of the format and cornerstone of the Open Web Platform. This is the first revision in a very long time, since the publishing of HTML4 specifications in 1997. With HTML5 developers can employ the latest improvements to the format and build cross-platform, feature-rich applications.
10/29/2014 4:35:44 PM
Investing in a workforce optimization solution for your small, medium or large enterprise contact center is a big commitment. After all, the solution is not only responsible for directly shaping the work habits of your employees, but also plays a huge role in the customer experience and how satisfied they are with your company. Conducting a bit of research to make sure your software has all of the components you need to measure and track agent effectiveness is key.
10/29/2014 4:31:28 PM
As IDC reports, the world's mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion in 2015, representing 37.2 percent of the total workforce. Growth in the number of mobile workers is obviously being driven by the rise of smartphones and tablets, and the widespread availability of both wireline and wireless broadband connectivity.
10/29/2014 4:28:41 PM
For quite some time now, the industry has been abuzz with talk about the many benefits of switching to cloud and hosted offerings over on-premises. While the cost savings and time saved are bright spots, the industry has also been plagued by reports that the cloud isn't a safe place to be. Fear over being hacked or having sensitive data compromised has created a giant problem for enterprises as they look for better options. But how much more safe is all of this important data when it's not in the cloud? That's the question being posed by the latest research from Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).
10/29/2014 4:28:37 PM
Russian espionage agents have managed to infiltrate the White House's unclassified computer network, according to the Washington Post.
10/29/2014 4:22:27 PM
Ericson recently announced the decision to relaunch its Web browser supporting WebRTC again. This provides additional Internet users access to WebRTC functionality. However, what does this mean for Chrome and WebRTC when considering the bigger picture?
10/29/2014 4:19:04 PM
Jesse Proudman, founder and CTO of Blue Box, had a simple but grand vision: deploy a private cloud anywhere in the world in under an hour. In just five months, the company appears to be well on the way there and states that it has built unbelievable momentum.
10/29/2014 4:16:40 PM
The Harvard vs. MIT Case Competition takes place every year to pit graduate students and postdoctoral fellows against each other to solve a real-life business challenge. Students from both universities generate answers to problems that affect an actual business; this year's chosen business was the accounting firm, Cloudsource Accounting.
10/29/2014 4:04:39 PM
Apple Pay, so far, has proven to be quite welcome among consumers, a cause for significant concern from competitors, and from retailers, a mixed bag at best. While Apple CEO Tim Cook was overheard just recently declare the resistance to Apple Pay shown by CVS to be a skirmish, this is one skirmish that's turning into a downright imbroglio, thanks to the rise of a major competitor as well as a primary source of using such a system, the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX).
10/29/2014 4:01:03 PM
Birch Communications, Inc., a technology service provider of IP-based communications, broadband, cloud and IT services, recently announced that today Polycom, Inc. has recognized the company by naming it a Platinum Level Polycom Choice Partner. As a result, Birch will now be able to embrace and extend Polycom's open standards-based video collaboration solutions.
10/29/2014 3:55:57 PM
Apple Pay is touted as one of the most secure payment systems available today because it uses contactless technology. It has been marketed as a safe replacement for wallets and credit cards, at a time when many prominent U.S. companies such as Target and Home Depot have faced major-and public-hacking issues.
10/29/2014 3:53:37 PM
findSimilar, a new image recognition and visual search platform from the U.K. software company Cortexica, is rapidly growing in popularity as many companies realize its promising implications for the future of the retail industry.
10/29/2014 3:47:23 PM
Taco Bell is expanding its operations to mobile platforms with a new app that allows customers to order their favorite Taco Bell meals ahead of time in locations all over the nation, available on Android and iOS devices. Other fast food chains have experimented with smartphone orders for items off of their menu, but Taco Bell is boasting that their app grants customers access to the full menu and even exclusive app-only meals, which can be picked up either in-store or in the drive-thru lane. By expanding to an instantly accessible mobile platform, Taco Bell is hoping to pick up more customers looking for even faster food.
10/29/2014 3:42:18 PM
IBM announced this week that it will open a new SoftLayer cloud center in Paris, France. With the establishment of the cloud center, IBM will be able to provide cloud infrastructure services, including bare metal servers, virtual servers, storage, and networking in France. The new cloud center has a massive capacity and can integrate with company's private network with all SoftLayer cloud centers and network PoPs across the globe.
10/29/2014 3:41:55 PM
Large metropolitan cities across the country face many challenges as they try to manage resources to provide services that serve their residents. With budgetary woes facing virtually every city, officials have deployed websites and call centers to provide a two-way communication platform to exchange information. The 311 system has been used in several cities to provide answers to non-emergency questions as well as receiving valuable information about incidents throughout the city that require maintenance or attention. Atlanta is the latest city to deploy 311, and after a couple of years on the drawing board, its call center is finally operational.
10/29/2014 3:40:00 PM
Huawei, a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, recently announced that the company is now a multi-year team sponsor and Official Technology Partner for the Washington Redskins.
10/29/2014 3:39:20 PM
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published its Recommendation of HTML5 on Tuesday, the fifth major revision of the format and cornerstone of the Open Web Platform. This is the first revision in a very long time, since the publishing of HTML4 specifications in 1997. With HTML5, developers can employ the latest improvements to the format and build cross-platform, feature-rich applications.
10/29/2014 3:37:13 PM
According to the National Hurricane Center, hurricane season goes from June 1st all the way until November 30th. Despite the brisk air, hurricane season is not quite at the end of its long and potentially destructive rope.
10/29/2014 3:34:37 PM
YouTube is entering the world of live broadcasting in a bigger way with a new capability for developers, dubbed YouTube WatchMe, to build streaming directly into their Android mobile apps.
10/29/2014 3:32:17 PM
Logically thinking people don't believe in Zombies, but don't tell that to fans of the TV hit, The Walking Dead. In it, in a post-apocalyptic world, the walking dead terrorize those who are still alive.
10/29/2014 3:07:22 PM
With more companies offering low-cost VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services for both businesses and homes, it was only a matter of time before someone took it to the next level. It appears that Time Warner Cable (TWC) has done just that with its new app, Phone 2 Go.
10/29/2014 3:00:14 PM
Whether you're a customer service rep or a customer yourself, we've all heard that the customer is always right. Perhaps our philosophies on how we deal with customers and how we act as customers have evolved somewhat, but business VoIP provider Nextiva say that, at least for customer service agents, putting the customer at the center of the universe is imperative for successful business.
10/29/2014 2:59:55 PM
Can you hear those sleigh bells ringing? Or could that be the Ka-Ching of a cash register? The holidays have grown more and more to be about shopping and scoring the best sales than sadly, traditions like sitting around the table bonding with family.
10/29/2014 2:56:58 PM
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