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As customers' expectations have been on the rise, so too has the complexity of the organization and the number of communications channels customers can choose from. For this reason, wrote Monet Software CEO Chuck Ciarlo in a recent blog post, companies need to seriously think about expanding their support presence.
7/7/2015 3:36:32 PM
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) wants to be the best bank for customer trust, advocacy and service by 2020. That's no small goal, but RBS has a plan ready to make that goal a reality, revolving around bringing in Massachusetts firm Pegasystems to augment its current systems and provide a few new ones to help drive this big new push for customer service.
7/7/2015 3:07:32 PM
Companies are realizing the importance of a comprehensive business telephone system that is cost-effective and user friendly without lacking in features. Furthermore, for smaller businesses with room to grow a SIP phone system must be fully scalable. In response to this need, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America recently announced the launch of the KX-TGP600, a new SIP cordless phone system aimed specifically at small and medium-sized businesses.
7/7/2015 3:04:14 PM
The UAE Exchange seeks to provide users with technology that is easier to use, fast and secure. Via the UAE Exchange Centre, it is able to provide users with innovative products, transaction processes and the peace of mind of knowing that one's transactions are done in a secure manner. The financial services leader announced this week that it will be improving its customer experience by leveraging the SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) platform.
7/7/2015 2:57:03 PM
Vonage had a very busy second quarter of 2015, as noted from recent reports. Of particular note were recent gains in its patent count, as the company picked up 11 new patents for its technology, bringing its patent count to 86. While the patent numbers will likely get bigger in the weeks to come-reports note there are almost 250 patent applications still outstanding-the most recent new additions to Vonage's patent lineup should prove sufficiently noteworthy alone.
7/7/2015 2:54:27 PM
There are a slew of trends shaping the data center market today for integrators, vendors and channel partners, including software-defined everything, automation, containers and more. But the key to making the most of the opportunity is the ability to answer this: Are you swimming in a red ocean, or a blue ocean?
7/7/2015 2:43:26 PM
Ease of navigation will be necessary for individuals who want to complete either role-based certifications or professional certifications. Those which are role-based may invoice auditing or mobility, among many others, AOTMP points out. Professional certifications also come in a variety of levels from Silver to Gold, Platinum, and Master. Many role-based certifications are required to reach these levels of expertise.
7/7/2015 2:16:38 PM
While analytics is proving invaluable for the contact center it is being leveraged elsewhere for tremendous results. Recently, Blackboard announced its acquisition of X-Ray Analytics to bolster Blackboard's Moodlerooms, Enterprise Moodle and offer greater insight and predictability into student trends. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the acquisition should prove to be quite illuminating.
7/7/2015 2:00:04 PM
With the frenzy of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) now complete, and a laundry list of games to look forward to from Fallout 4 to Shenmue 3 and well, well beyond left in its wake, a company like Wozlla that focuses on HTML5 games in the Chinese market is easily overlooked. But this company managed to land $2 million in investment to bring its breed of HTML5 gaming out of the Chinese market and into others beyond.
7/7/2015 1:55:25 PM
As opposed to TV's channel-surfing-friendly programming presentation, online and mobile video has always been seen as more of a foraging experience when it comes to content discovery. As in, users generally need to be knowledgeable about what content they want to watch and where they could find it. But new user interfaces and personalization initiatives are evolving digital distribution from a lean forward experience into more of a traditional TV look and feel. As a result, viewer engagement is growing exponentially in the mobile environment, opening up fresh video monetization opportunities.
7/7/2015 1:29:44 PM
Industry Leader, Jeremy Cohen of Facebook to Provide Insight at New York Event
7/7/2015 1:07:37 PM
Fiber optic services are a rapidly growing part of the telecommunications field as we know it today. With more and more telecom firms offering this powerful breed of access, it's starting to become less a powerful option and more an expected service. To that end, Hudson Fiber Network has recently announced the completion of a bulk cable installation in Manhattan, New York, providing some major new access to the commercial buildings and data centers located in the borough.
7/7/2015 12:45:44 PM
Known for its clean and minimalist design, Apple packaging has become nearly as famous as the products it contains. As an example, I got a new iPhone a little over a month ago, yet the box it came in still sits on my bedside table. It is empty and does absolutely nothing, but for whatever reason, whether it is the high quality or simple coolness factor of the box, I can't bring myself to just throw it away. A round of applause for you, Apple, you deserve it.
7/7/2015 12:31:32 PM
For most workers, a day usually starts with email, checking on all the messages that came in while he or she was away from the office. But that may not be the case much longer, if a report from Juniper Research comes to fruition. The reports suggest that there's about a year left until instant messaging use actually surpasses email use, changing the way a lot of people do business.
7/7/2015 12:26:25 PM
Last month Patrick McCabe, Senior Marketing Manager, Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) was kind enough to provide Next Generation Communications Community readers a preview of ALU's Motive business units report, Mobile device growth is exploding. Are you ready for it , on the impacts mobile devices are having on today's networks. The report is now available at the link highlighted along with a link to a recent webinar that ALU conducted that delved into it, and because of the subject matter and the details, it is a great time to hopefully entice you to download.
7/7/2015 12:20:02 PM
Albuquerque, New Mexico is a rising market when it comes to the call center business. There are a number of companies from Alorica to T-Mobile that have all set up relatively new locations in the last few years. While the rules for employment for these call centers are certainly quite a bit better than they were 20 years ago, there are some firms that are having to reevaluate those rules. T-Mobile is one of the companies that needs to change its policy when it comes to the treatment of its workers.
7/7/2015 12:05:35 PM
NEC has enhanced its UNIVERGE cloud services with the introduction of a new hosted contact center suite that enables efficient handling of customer communications, whether these are telephone, email or Web interactions.
7/7/2015 11:59:35 AM
Wearable Tech Expo opens call for speakers for August Event
7/7/2015 11:38:37 AM
The call center market in the United States is humming right along but that isn't the only place in the world where the business is booming. Turkish Airlines has just announced that it has launched a brand new Arabic call center that is specifically geared to serving customers in ten countries across the middle eastern region.
7/7/2015 11:32:14 AM
Customers today have a lot of options…they can choose products and services from many difference manufacturers, retailers and suppliers. They can receive customer support via whatever channel or channels they choose. They can leave one company for another at the drop of a bad customer experience. This will continue to make it more difficult for companies to compete for their business. Though the stakes are raised, the opportunities are also larger than they were 10 to 15 years ago. Companies that wish to cross channels and reel in customers while simultaneously supporting them have a chance to shine.
7/7/2015 11:07:36 AM
Many companies today promise top-notch customer support, but when it comes to actually providing it, the promises fall flat. Unexpected call volumes, high turnover or inexperienced or bad management are just some of the reasons for this. Truly experienced call center managers can get a grip on a busy contact center and run it successfully, but these individuals don't grow on trees. When contact centers do fall short, however, it's worthwhile to pinpoint WHERE the bumps are occurring. Many organizations put blame on the agents, but agents are only as good as the person managing them.
7/7/2015 11:06:29 AM
In the quest to promote newer technologies to the business user, it's not uncommon to find a host of benefits listed for the transition to VoIP.
7/7/2015 10:58:53 AM
When it comes to the call center world, more and more companies are looking to handle some of their needs through the cloud. In order to do this, they need to turn to firms that are able to give them one kind of software or another that ups their abilities. The most recent move by Randstad Technologies underlines this as they have contracted with Aspect Software United UP, using Promero Cloud contact center software.
7/7/2015 10:57:37 AM
Wearable Tech Expo opens call for speakers for August Event
7/7/2015 10:37:30 AM
Choosing the right applications can make the difference between increased margin or missed goals, increased efficiency or poor productivity. But the right applications alone are not enough.
7/7/2015 10:19:55 AM
Broadview Networks has already established itself as one of the leading providers in the communications and information tech markets in the world. Now the company is attempting to make another step toward the head of the pack with its announced partnership with DATAK Communications. DATAK is one of the leading communications companies in the Washington state regions. The partnership will, among other things, give DATAK access to Broadview's OfficeSuite Cloud. Broadview gets the benefit of getting more eyes on its products especially in the Pacific Northwest.
7/7/2015 10:02:01 AM
ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a neurological nightmare for those who have it, as the disease involves the death of neurons and, in turn, an ever-increasing loss of brain functions. But a new funding campaign on Indiegogo provide a new means of communication for those with ALS using wearable tech for its base.
7/7/2015 10:00:00 AM
Google launched its crack at a ride-sharing service in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv Monday, aiming at supplementing traditional taxi services and transportation start-ups like Uber and Lyft. The service is hosted on the Waze app, the crowd-source traffic and navigation application that Google purchased in 2013, or can be used through a standalone app called RideWith for those who do not use Waze.
7/7/2015 9:57:38 AM
Amazon, the online buying and selling behemoth that originated as online bookstore and subsequently became one of the Internet's largest marketplaces, is celebrating its 20th birthday later this month. The fateful day is July 16, and to celebrate, Amazon is declaring that day Prime Day.
7/7/2015 9:46:26 AM
When it comes to the world of software licensing there are few companies coming up with some big time innovation. Cozzi Productions has just announced that it is now going to be offering a new monthly software license option for its SQL Query File software. The best part of this offering is that it has a monthly fee but it also has a cancel anytime feature.
7/7/2015 9:37:09 AM
For many marketers, the concept of content marketing tends to primarily constitute just blogging. While there's certainly no harm in honing in on blog creation-80 percent of B2B marketers blog, according to the Content Marketing Institute's 2015 Benchmarks Report-it's important to remember that content marketing is its most successful when it accounts for an integrated marketing strategy. This means that it's imperative to strategically create a number of complementary content assets that educate customers and promote a bigger-picture agenda.
7/7/2015 9:08:09 AM
A new marketing report by social intelligence and visualization company Wayin may give journalists the upper hand when interviewing for marketing positions. The social intelligence company recently surveyed 200 top-level marketers to gauge just how important real-time marketing-likened to breaking news-is to brands and marketing agencies. According to the report, this trend that has marketers feverishly crafting content to be released within minutes, or in some cases seconds, after a significant real-world event has had a positive impact on revenue for 98 percent of respondents.
7/7/2015 9:03:52 AM
Communications is a fascinating division of a business, but it can also be expensive. Call accounting solutions can help, but only if you're following the right policies to capture information and activity. For instance, if you put a new channel in place - does it still fall under the same guidelines?
7/7/2015 8:52:54 AM
This approach helps your IT department ensure they aren't created a security nightmare in the quest for hardware freedom. With Vonage as a proven real-time communications partner, for instance, the flexibility employees want in the field is assured, while the protections needed internally are preserved. This means access to customer care representatives who understand the transition to BYOD and the best methods for extending the capabilities of the corporate phone system to users in the field.
7/7/2015 8:40:27 AM
It seems that we've just rolled through 3G for IoT connectivity, and already news is popping up about 4G LTE routers bringing us to the next level. In furtherance of this trend, Eseye recently announced that it has added a 4G LTE variant to its HERA600 Series of M2M Routers. The new router will be the HERA604.
7/7/2015 7:15:00 AM
This activity is not unlike that in other countries where call recording is being used to demonstrate compliance and assure the proper handling of customer information. For those smaller firms that must comply, now is the time to look for the right solution that fits the infrastructure and the budget.
7/7/2015 7:14:28 AM
An iPhone case shaped like a gun has been flagged on the East Coast and it comes with a fun Russian roulette app. I'm sure there are stupider things than pulling something that looks like a gun out of your back pocket or purse and then aiming at people's heads but I'm having trouble thinking of it at the moment.
7/7/2015 7:00:00 AM
Wind River, developer of software for the IoT, has introduced the latest version of its Simics software for accelerating development by delivering new development capabilities and facilitates Agile software practices through the use of simulation technologies.
7/7/2015 6:00:00 AM
Companies today are struggling to build employee engagement among their workers. They are adding programs they think might work - blindly - and hoping for the best.
7/7/2015 6:00:00 AM
There are rumors that the WhatsApp video calling feature will be out before the end of this year's second quarter.
7/7/2015 6:00:00 AM
XRoads Networks, already well known in the field for its breed of bandwidth management tools, asks an interesting question: how would businesses handle being off the Internet for a week?
7/7/2015 6:00:00 AM
As we clean up the remains of our 4th of July celebrations, it's appropriate that we examine what's happening to help promote support of our country's veterans. For Augusta's Charlie Norwood Veterans Affairs Medical Center, it means a focus on improving the overall experience.
7/7/2015 6:00:00 AM
A survey by WiredScore has shown that Internet connectivity is one of the most important factors for employees when choosing office space.
7/7/2015 6:00:00 AM
A study published in Nature Climate Change last week has projected that robot-driven taxicabs (think Total Recall) could dramatically reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses, and much sooner than you would think. The study estimates that squadrons of these taxis could be in use in major cities by the year 2030.
7/7/2015 6:00:00 AM
Alcatel-Lucent has signed an agreement with operators China Mobile and China Unicom to provide the two companies with extensive network infrastructure to facilitate the transition to cloud-based networks and deliver comprehensive, affordable ultra-broadband access across the country. This deal is central to the two companies' effort to comply with Broadband China, an initiative launched by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to have fiber networks with 100Mbps download speeds as well as full 4G mobile coverage across all municipalities, cities and non-urban households by 2017.
7/6/2015 6:08:20 PM
Sitel, a provider of outsourced customer support and call center services around the world, recently announced the upcoming launch of operations at a new facility in Pompano Beach, Florida. The new site will create 350 new jobs in the area when it opens in September, with 1,000 more to be eventually added over the course of the following year.
7/6/2015 6:06:11 PM
Google searches take place more on mobile devices than on desktops in 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan. Though Google declined to disclose the names of the other eight countries, or discuss the ratio of mobile to desktop users worldwide, the highly anticipated announcement confirms a major shift in consumer's search behaviors.
7/6/2015 5:43:31 PM
The significance of reliable call recording is lost on no company. But unfortunately, interoperability issues between enterprise-grade unified communications solutions and call recording software can prevent some businesses from using a desired solution. CTI Solutions-a software company specializing in telecom systems-which recently announced interoperability of its Chromis REC Call Recording Management Software with Grandstream's UCM Series of IP PBXs, is helping to remedy this problem.
7/6/2015 5:34:05 PM
6WIND creates software for enterprises which handles all manner of networking and is proving an up-and-coming force in the wave of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). It recently announced that Cisco, a giant in the networking hardware manufacturing market, has invested an undeclared sum in its company as part of a push for $100 million total in investment of French businesses.
7/6/2015 5:32:47 PM
The days of siloed operation must come to a screeching halt. As we've seen repeatedly in industry news, collaboration is a necessary piece to providing exceptional customer service. Recently, TeamSupport released an option for enterprises to help them provide customers with a means to successfully manage multiple campaigns as well as manage customer data in a secure and effective way.
7/6/2015 5:28:57 PM
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