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Is HTML5 ready for prime time? Google seems to think so. Back in November 2006 when Google acquired YouTube, Flash was used for playing videos. That is about to change as YouTube is now in favor of using HTML5. YouTube uses HTML5 by default in Chrome, IE 11, Safari 8, as well as in beta versions of Firefox. In addition to HTML5, WebRTC has also found a place of endorsement with Google and YouTube.
1/31/2015 7:59:00 AM
This seems to be the week to discuss net neutrality. Is it possible to continue ensuring service quality amid all the discussions and speculation concerning net neutrality? Global Capacity and Saisei are two companies that feel the way is through service virtualization. SDN and NFV concepts can be effectively leveraged to meet individuals at both sides of the net neutrality spectrum. It will be interesting to see how things progress as decisions on net neutrality get made.
1/31/2015 7:43:00 AM
The week the Embedded M2M Solutions Community was flooded with news of innovations, announcements and partnerships. With the weekend upon us, it serves a good time to look back on the week that was-you've guessed right, it's time for the week in review.
1/31/2015 7:31:00 AM
The lead of this week's Transforming Network Infrastructure news comes off the heels of what M.H. Raza, the CEO of network infrastructure developer Fiber Mountain, said about the current state of networking. His comments to Rich Tehrani, TMC's own CEO, at the ITEXPO 2015 in Miami underscore one of the most pressing network-based issues of our time: Can our current, traditional methods of networking sustain user demand for bandwidth?
1/31/2015 7:30:00 AM
Call center-based news this week is sort of a mixed bag. There are some high points with Genesys taking customer experiences to heightened levels, but there are some low points with some call centers calling it quits and others experiencing long wait times due to demand for U.S. healthcare. Let's start out with the good news.
1/31/2015 7:30:00 AM
This week's call center software headlines focused on the importance of social media for customer care and included a case study and award win.
1/31/2015 7:25:00 AM
With ITEXPO capturing the attention of much of the tech industry this week, experts and thought leaders came together to share ideas on current and upcoming trends, as well as to announce new products and services. Amidst this hub of activity, the call recording industry was generating plenty of news, so let's take a look at some of the week's highlights in the space.
1/31/2015 7:20:00 AM
This week was a big week for all manner of technology classes, as ITEXPO 2015 started up and concluded. With so many major technology forces in one place, it's not surprising that this rising tide lifted all boats. We had plenty of news emerge in this sector, and so, with a weekend at hand once again, it's a great time to consider the bigger picture and how all these new development fit with our everyday technological loadout. So settle in, and let's run down the biggest events of the week that was with our Week in Review coverage!
1/31/2015 7:20:00 AM
It's only been one month into the new year, the mobile market is as busy as ever, as the stories we've been following this week show.
1/31/2015 7:15:00 AM
It's been yet another busy week in the world of SIP trunking. Here are some of the top stories we've been covering this week.
1/31/2015 7:15:00 AM
One of the biggest weeks in technology came to a close as the sun set on ITEXPO 2015 in Miami, Florida, and in its wake, a host of news items emerged about products and services on an array of fronts. Unified communications (UC) proved no different, and now with a weekend afoot, it's time to take a step back and make sense of it all. There's nothing better for doing just that, meanwhile, than our Week in Review coverage!
1/31/2015 7:10:00 AM
It's been an interesting week in the Call Center arena, with news of ups and downs throughout the industry. Let's dive in!
1/31/2015 7:05:00 AM
The Internet of Things (IoT) has officially reached fever pitch, and this week's M2M Evolution / IoT Evolution Expo certainly displayed the kind of innovation, developments and general excitement surrounding this burgeoning space. There's no time like the present to take a look at the week that was, that's right, it's time for the week in review!
1/31/2015 7:03:00 AM
Conferencing continued to expand and explore new facets this week, and we have all the details.
1/31/2015 7:00:00 AM
The customer experience is paramount, we know this, but how can one ensure that it is providing the highest level of service? What if I told you analytics where the answer, specifically speech analytics? Jeannette Ho, vice president of revenue management and analytics at FRHI Hotels and Resorts recently gave an intereview to where she illuminated several methods to guarantee a top-notch customer experience.
1/30/2015 5:02:46 PM
When it comes to the disruptive changes that will rock the technology sector over the next three to five years, almost all ITEXPO panelists and keynoters this week agreed: we are entering a world dictated by the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and cloud computing.
1/30/2015 4:55:30 PM
What sort of discount on a product would make you willing to deal with an offshore call center for a routine service call? The U.K. public recently dove into that question and revealed that many of them would choose to simply work with a U.K. call center rather than take the discount and be forced to deal with agents from another country.
1/30/2015 4:48:07 PM
Digital marketing spend is expected to keep pace-and even exceed-traditional marketing spend in the coming years. As a matter of fact, a 2014 Gartner survey found that two-thirds of companies are funding digital marketing via reinvestment of existing marketing budgets. Supporting research from Mondo states that investment in digital marketing will increase as 80 percent of companies plan to boost their digital marketing budgets (for the majority, by between 5 percent and 15 percent) during the next 12 to 18 months.
1/30/2015 4:16:32 PM
A mobile phone provider has responded to a Denver television station's undercover report that found several representatives circumvented eligibility requirements when they signed applicants up for a low income cell phone program.
1/30/2015 4:11:51 PM
The cooperation of enterprises with one another can go a long way toward product/device interoperability and increased sales for their products. Avaya, a provider of business business communications and collaboration software, has created its DevConnect program to involve third parties that wish to combine Avaya's global reach with their own products.
1/30/2015 4:08:56 PM
We are still in the early stages of WebRTC, and during this time getting people to adopt the technology is just as important as making sure it works. More and more developers are becoming involved in WebRTC development, and while in the past the emphasis has been on appealing to the customer service industry for interest and support, honing the technology itself is now taking more of a front seat in the process. John Riordan, CTO of business phone service OnSIP, believes that it's the right time.
1/30/2015 4:05:17 PM
There are a host of reasons to get in on a business voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) system. Having access to more features than the standard phone system, having access to better quality features, being able to put it to use in more places and even saving substantial amounts of money-particularly for those businesses that do a lot of long distance or international calling-are all just part of the package.
1/30/2015 3:52:29 PM
Computaris, a system integrator and software development services provider, predicted 2015 would be the year in which VoLTE services, market consolidation and revenue leakage from OTT will play a greater role.
1/30/2015 3:48:58 PM
We all know a lone wolf, someone who thrives working independently and without the constraints and limitations of a group. But wolves are inherently pack animals and ultimately work best as a team, with clearly defined roles. The same theories can be applied to customer support, surprisingly, and collaboration among team members is extremely important.
1/30/2015 3:46:33 PM
Generally, whenever there's an announcement of new fiber installations going into place, it's good news, and usually it's good news for both the consumer and the company stepping up the installation. This time around, it's an agreement between Allied Fiber and Telefonica, bringing a new dark fiber agreement to the United States.
1/30/2015 2:24:15 PM
The Dell'Oro Group is a firm specializing in strategic analysis in the networking and telecommunications industries. The company publishes quarterly market research reports. The firm publishes Wireless LAN quarterly reports which are designed to provide in-depth market-level and detailed vendor market share information. Some of the device segments that are included in the report are outdoor mesh nodes, SOHO and external client devices. The forecasts provide a comprehensive overview of market trends showing manufacturers' revenue, units shipped, and average selling prices.
1/30/2015 1:05:51 PM
The beginning of 2015 comes with some exciting news for Mexico. According to the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), this month the first reports on the use of LTE in the 700 MHz band will be taken, which should provide some valuable information with respect to the design of the project of shared mobile network.
1/30/2015 1:00:25 PM
Overture has expanded its Ensemble Open Services Architecture (OSA) with the new Ensemble Service Intelligence offering. The solution provides analytics and big data technologies for gleaning actionable intelligence of service orchestration.
1/30/2015 12:58:11 PM
In a move that some say will have far-reaching implications, a number of Democratic lawmakers -and one Independent - are putting pressure on the Federal Communications Commission to reject proposals that could provide exemptions for businesses to use auto-dialers to reach consumers' mobile devices.
1/30/2015 12:53:53 PM
Any IT professional who has used monitoring tools for any length of time is most likely perfectly comfortable setting up new devices, such as servers, routers, switches and the like. Adding sub-elements, such as disks and interfaces are probably a snap, too. There's also a good chance they've set up their fair share of reports and data exports. Not to mention alerts.
1/30/2015 12:46:18 PM
No one wants their contact center known for a security breach- there is nothing more damaging than compromising sensitive customer data. Customers aren't concerned about security- it's up to the enterprise to keep their trust and make sure the proper technology and procedures are in place.
1/30/2015 12:41:19 PM
According to a Filipino report, there's a movement taking shape to do away with a current income tax holiday on call center business.
1/30/2015 12:36:00 PM
Managed networking and cloud services specialist Masergy Communications has been officially certified with the Microsoft Lync 2013 platform. The company's UCaaS Intelligent SIP Trunking services are compatible with Lync, Microsoft's UC offering that includes presence, instant messaging and advanced communication and collaboration capabilities.
1/30/2015 12:35:31 PM
One of the best ways to find out if your customer service quality is up to snuff is to look at your communications from the customer perspective. Determining just how user friendly you come across to customers can go a long way toward ensuring you are providing the best possible customer service experience.
1/30/2015 11:40:47 AM
Businesses all share one value: the bottom line. Revenue doesn't mean much if your overhead costs are chipping away at your profits, but businesses shouldn't rest on their laurels when it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) investment. It is, however, imperative to make sure that whatever CRM solution you're investing in adds to your bottom line, not subtracts from it. How do you determine how much you're getting from your CRM solution?
1/30/2015 11:35:22 AM
As if the threat of removing a tax break for call centers wasn't enough of a concern, the Philippines notes that finding individuals with the necessary skill set to work in a call center is a growing challenge.
1/30/2015 11:35:00 AM
If you're on the non-IT side of your place of business, you're likely not concerning yourself with the data that goes on behind computer monitors, or where it goes or where it's being held. The truth of the matter is that the effective management of corporate data has grown in importance as businesses are subject to an increasing number of compliance regulations. If you're running the business, this is most certainly something that needs addressing, and as years go on, that data needs to be dealt with, usually in the form of data assessment.
1/30/2015 11:34:02 AM
There are some needs that, for an office environment of any size, are pretty much standard fare and hard to challenge on any level. Electricity is one, as are thing like water service and heating and cooling. But one point that generally goes unchallenged on the every office needs this scale is communications technology.
1/30/2015 11:31:53 AM
Little improvements often are what separate the average call center from the amazing call center. True innovations are few within the call center, and those that do emerge from technology or new business practices are quickly copied. So what separates the average from the awesome are the little things.
1/30/2015 11:29:56 AM
Is corporate communications suffering from too much top-down thinking? The answer seems to be yes it is too top-down in its thinking.
1/30/2015 11:27:27 AM
The workplace is changing, as anyone with a smartphone has noticed. Business processes are transforming, the office environment is reinventing itself, and even the way coworkers relate to each other is shifting.
1/30/2015 11:24:59 AM
As someone who regularly doles out advice on how to boost the customer experience, it is a bit awkward to admit that customer service strategy has its limits. While there definitely is much that a business can do to improve its customer experience, one of the most important aspects is one that can hardly be affected through corporate policies.
1/30/2015 11:18:56 AM
The Department of Homeland Security's Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program is important if you are in charge of any sort of IT for a government agency, no matter how big or small. The regulation requires all governmental agencies to keep track of the devices on their networks that they may not own or have expected to be present, as well as the ones that should be present but have been noticeably absent for a while.
1/30/2015 11:12:53 AM
For decades, the telecom industry changed very little. Telephone communications were the only channel available to customers, which made running a business and providing customer service relative easy for operators. In recent years, however, that dynamic has been turned on its ear. As customer expectations for multichannel customer service have grown, operators are faced with a new set of challenges.
1/30/2015 10:56:10 AM
Government agencies and entities are rapidly making the move to VoIP tools and technologies. VoIP adoption can be seen across a number of government sectors, as evidenced by recent aggregated data from government business intelligence organization Onvia: 24 percent of K-12 schools, 20 percent of federal agencies, 17 percent of cities, 14 percent of counties, and 13 percent of states are investing or considering investing in VoIP. Furthermore, nearly 30,000 government budget documents between 2014 and 2018 will mention telecom projects.
1/30/2015 10:39:24 AM
In the Philippines, there's a movement taking shape to do away with a current income tax holiday on call center business. It's not going over well.
1/30/2015 10:34:00 AM
Energy Northwest comprises 27 public power utilities, and provides 1.5 million people across the state of Washington via nuclear, wind, hydro and solar means earned a Better Workplace Award from the Association of Washington Business for its flexible work policies that allow employees to have an optimum work/life balance.
1/30/2015 10:33:48 AM
If you thought holding a M2M, IoT standards-driven breakout session at 9 am the last day of the M2M Evolution Conference & Expo was a risky move, think again. Conversely, there was standing room only this morning at the One M2M, IIC and the Quest to be Different Standards breakout as trade show participants convened to hear the challenges and opportunities surrounding M2M and IoT standards.
1/30/2015 10:33:44 AM
Returning to ITEXPO each year is always extra special for NetSapiens, creators of a best-in-class multi-tenant hosted PBX platform. After all, though the company was founded in 2002, it wasn't until ITEXPO 2006 in San Diego, California, that the NetSapiens formally announced that 2007 would be its first commercial year of business.
1/30/2015 10:23:55 AM
With mobile VoIP being as inexpensive as it is, it makes sense that businesses are putting more money on their bottom lines while boosting productivity levels.
1/30/2015 10:03:48 AM
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