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July 11, 2019

Why Should You Use a Crypto Advertising Network?

When you start a business, you will get nowhere if you do not invest in marketing. A good marketing strategy that includes a solid advertising campaign is imperative to the launch of your brand. Without it, your business will never get the attention it needs to attract new customers and survive on the market.

The advent of digital advertising has changed the game when it comes to making sales and revenues.  Nowadays, your company’s profit-making ability relies heavily on the use of these technologies.

There are a variety of advertisements, each being designed with its own particular purpose. There are ads that bring awareness to your brand, others increase website traffic or bring more sales.

If you have started a crypto business, you are probably wondering if you should use the more popular advertising platforms out there, such as Google (News - Alert) Services or Social Media Ads.

However, as many have found out, a niche advertising network reaps the best results in crypto marketing. In today’s article, we will present the reasons why a niche network will be better for your business than a big ad company.

1.    Specific Ad placement on relevant websites

The crypto boom has spawned hundreds of websites that focus on this sector, with the top websites being Coinzilla’s partners. These websites cater to crypto owners and enthusiasts from all over the world, with 154 million of them being just the owners of unique BTC addresses. With a niche advertise network, your ads will be posted only on relevant websites from the crypto industry so that you can reach your target audience.

2.    All your ads will be approved

In recent years, mainstream social platforms and advertising networks have started banning crypto ads; in some places, the crypto content has to be first approved before it is posted.  With niche advertising networks, crypto ads are not required to go through an approval process.

3.    Included HTML5 banner design

The crypto advertising network also includes banner designing services without incurring any extra costs. When you opt for an advertising package, you will also benefit from a banner suite created by specialized web designers, meaning you will not have to pay extra for a third party to make the finest banners for you.

4.    Qualitative traffic

A crypto advertising network will attract only the most qualitative traffic, as your ads will be featured on only the top crypto websites, where not all advertisements can be posted due to certain requirements. There is no such thing as high CPMs for low-quality websites with niche advertising networks.

5.    Full control and customization

Niche networks are on par with big advertising platforms in terms of quality services and customer interface experience. The user has full control over where his ads are featured, and can also make any modifications he desires in real time.

6.    Live and instant support

A big aspect that is often overlooked in marketing platforms is support. Niche advertising networks have dedicated live support that actively assists businesses when they are planning their ad campaign. A dedicated account manager is assigned to help the client with any issues he might encounter, 24/7.

7.    Lots of advertising options to choose from

Your account manager will present to you a number of advertising options and strategies, such as native banners, standard IAB banners and press releases on the most popular crypto websites.

A good press release can create a positive image of your brand and can convince new customers that you are worth their time and money. The best thing about press releases is that they will always remain posted on that website.

8.    Crypto payments

Crypto niche advertising networks accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital coins as payment for their services. By paying with cryptocurrencies, you make sure that your transactions are secured and private.

9.    Greater conversion rates

As niche advertising networks place your ad banners only on the top and most relevant websites in the industry, you will automatically have greater conversion rates.

10.    Economical marketing

Working with a niche network to create an ad campaign will cost you less than using the services of a big ad platform. Your marketing strategy will see real-time results as well as a guaranteed return of investment.  

If you are looking to get your new crypto business off the ground, then you should consider an option for a niche advertising network as it comes with many advantages. What matters is that you get the most out of your investment and create a brand that will stand the test of time.

About me:
Iancu N., PR @ Coinzilla Bitcoin Advertising Network
Cryptocurrency enthusiast, PPC specialist & huge blockchain technology fan.

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